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How to prepare for a hot night?

NEWS FLASH: Hot, sticky nights ahead with little chance of sleep.

Of course I am talking about the weather, what else? So the word is we can expect nights of hot humidity to come. The feeling of perspiration forming the moment you step out of the shower, or the constant urge to drink glass after glass of ice water – they are not going away anytime soon. But if there is one thing that tops the list, it’s feeling all sticky and uncomfortable lying in bed, trying to will yourself to sleep. Here are some tips from Helpling to get you out of that sticky situation! (pun intended)

Avoid alcohol and migraines!

Stay clear of alcohol before bedtime

There is a common saying to drink a shot of liquor like Yomeishu or DOM before bed. While we cannot say for sure how beneficial that is, there is evidence that consuming alcohol before bedtime makes falling asleep more difficult. And during nights of intense heat, you might just end up nursing a migraine or insomnia into the wee hours! If you are not able to abstain from alcohol, remember to do it in moderation and go easy on your liver.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

We cannot emphasis enough how important it is to consume lots of water everyday to battle the heat. It is important to keep your body well hydrated throughout the day, to avoid discomfort, circulation problems, and heatstroke. Besides, having a glass of cool water before calling it a night can bring your body temperature down a notch.

Keep out the sun

Keep em shut!

Keep your windows closed and your shutters down during the day if you do not want your room to bake under the afternoon sun. When the sun goes down, you can then open and air your room. Nevertheless, it might be wise to keep your blinds closed or set up mosquito nets when you sleep. You can never be too careful, especially during dengue season.

Avoid physical activities after 8

Avoid physical activities after 8

Keep your exercise routines to the early mornings or evenings, and refrain from working out after 8pm! Matter of fact is, the heat that your body accumulates during vigorous acitivities can take several hours to dissipate. This means that going to bed straight after a workout can almost feel like you are entering a furnace. Besides, an early morning jog can be a power start to your day! Also, avoid sources of heat near your bed that can raise your body temperature- lamps, computers, etc.

100% cotton

Cotton is the way to go

Whether it is your PJs or your sheets, cotton is the way to go. Real fine cotton such as the Egyptian cotton can breathe and optimize ventilation. Unlike polyester, silk or satin, cotton does not stick to your skin. As your body is not in direct contact with the fabric, ventilation improves.

Spray water on your curtains

Keep the air moist

You know things are heating up if you are opening the fridge door just to enjoy a wave of cool relief. What you can do is to moisten the air in your room.  If you have sheer curtains in your room, spray a little ice water on it. As the wind blows the air will be cooled and you lose a few degrees for the first hours of the night.  Otherwise, place a container of ice or frozen water bottle in front of your fans, facing the bed. This is what we call a DIY air-con!

Be smart about where and with whom you sleep

Honeymoon couples will probably protest, but snuggling close to your partners may not be the best choice. Heat transfers from body to body and we do not want you to wake up like a hot sticky mess. (Focus here, let’s keep our thoughts clean!) The Japanese and Koreans may be onto something setting their beds up on the floor. Turns out, having a bed close to the ground helps beat the heat. Remember our Primary school science classes? – Heat rises and cool air sinks.

Stay cool, stay clean.

Your Helpling Singapore Team

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