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12 things you never knew you could clean with your dishwasher!

Walk into your kitchen and the first thing that usually greets you is your wonderful dishwasher. Some even call it their savior! After all, it is a homemaker’s best friend!

But do you know that a dishwasher is capable of cleaning more than just dishes? You can literally pop anything in there (that doesn’t melt at high temperatures) and a dishwasher would be able to sanitize it!

Helpling has gathered 12 unexpected things that you can wash in your dishwasher today!


1. Salmon: Slow cooking to ignite your taste buds

Are your friends big fans of slow cooking? I know it sounds weird but do you knwo that your dishwasher can be used for cooking? This is because of all the steam that it gives out and its great for cooking salmon!

Firstly, wrap your salmon in some tin foil and place it on the top shelf of tieh dishwasher. Set it to 70 degree Celsius. Do not use detergent!


2. Refrigerator drawers: Get those bacteria out!

Do you know that there can be up to 8,000 bacteria per square cm in your refrigerator’s salad drawer? Time to give it a good cleaning and let your dishwasher take care of that!


3. Toys: Don’t let your children clean it with your mouth!

Children love playing with their toys but they also get pretty dirty doing just that! They often put their beloved toys into their mouth whether they are outside in the playground or at home. Yikes! To give those toys a good cleaning, simply put them in the cutlery holder or laundry bag and run them in your dishwasher! This only works with plastic toys! Do not try it with electronic ones!


4. Cup holders: Spilled coffee and dust

Cup holders are super convenient – be it in your car or stroller. Better yet, if they are dirty and removable, you might be able to remove those dirty coffee stains! Stick them in the top of your dishwasher in a glass holder to get all those dirt marks out!


5. Dish sponges and clothes: Don’t throw, just recycle!

Studies by researchers in the USA have shown that up to 10% of all household sponges contain traces of salmonella! Yucks! It is a good time to get these babies to the dishwasher! Wash them at a hot temperature and run a dry cycle.


6. Makeup brushes: You use them everyday!

Do you know that you should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a month? Bet you knew, but how many of you actually do it? TO get rid of the bacteria and old skin on your brushes, place them in the cutlery holder of the dishwasher and run them normally.


7. Razors: Decrease the risk of skin infection!

A clean razor is super important as it lowers the risk of skin infection and keeps the blade sharp! Place your razors in a glass holder and run it in your dishwasher.


8. Stove knobs: Get rid of greasy stains now!

If your stove knobs are removable, that’s fantastic news! Remove them and run them through the dishwasher to remove grease and splashes from cooking.


9. Light fixture covers: Never thought you could clean this, did you?

You touch this everyday but yet, how many of us really cleans it? Simply unscrew the light fixture and place them in the dishwasher in mid temperature.


10. Keyboard: Germs, germs, germs!

Yes we know, it sounds like a risky business! But detachable keyboards can be cleaned in the dishwasher! What you need to take note of is to never include detergent! And do make sure it is dry thoroughly before your plug it back into your computer! To be on the safe side, let it dry for 2 days!

rubber boots

11. Shoes: Only for the tough outdoors shoe

If your shoes and boots had been withstanding the outdoors weather, they should be safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher! Rubber boots, flip-flops and scandals! Do not put in your tennis or fabric shoes though!


12. Potatoes: No more hand washing!

Whenever you buy potatoes from the supermarket, you find yourself over the sink and trying your best to remove the dirt from them! Now, you can put them on the upper shelf of the dishwasher! Run a short cycle without any detergent.

We hope you would use your dishwasher for non dish related items! If you enjoyed reading this article, stay around and read our other home improvement ideas :).

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