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Exclusive Singlife Rates for Caregiving

If you are a Singlife Dementia Cover Policy holder, you and your loved ones can enjoy exclusive rates on Helpling elderly part-time caregivers to come to your home.

Exclusive Singlife Rates 

Below are the table of rates for Singlife customers depending on the length and frequency of their booking with Helpling.

Frequency of Booking Length Of booking Hourly Rate
ADHOC (one session) 3-6 hours $20 / h
6 hours+ $19 / h
Recurring (Weekly / Fortnightly) 3-6 hours $19 / h
6 hours+ $18 / h

* please take note that each session is subject to a flat service charge of $3.9


Sample Calculation

Customers that require caregiving only once, for 4 hours from 9am to 1pm:

  • 4 hours x $20 = $80
  • Service charge = $3.9
  • Total for the session = $83.9

Customers that require caregiving on a weekly basis, 6 hours each time:

  • 6 hours x $18  = $108
  • Service charge = $3.9
  • Total for the session =$111.9

Cancellation policy

All changes with regard to your care session with us need to be notified a minimum of 48 hours before-hand. If you wish to cancel your session with Helpling, you need to give at least a two day notice.

If wish to continue your session, but wish to shorten the length of time you had originally booked, 48-hour lead time is also required.

Cancellations or changes to your booking less than 48 hours beforehand will incur a penalty equivalent to 50% of the value of the care session, or hours shortened.

You booked a 3-hour session at $20 per hour, totaling $63.9(including service charge), but cancel the session the night before. You will incur a $31.95 charge on your card.

Example 2:
You booked an 8-hour care session at $18 per hour, totalling $147.9, but wish to shorten your session by 3 hours (with less than 48 hour notice). You will incur 1.5 hours worth of charges for the shortening of the session (1.5 x $18 = $27).

How do I book a caregiver?

  1. Speak to our care team via WhatsApp and let them know you are a Singlife customer interested in booking our services
  2. Our team will speak with you to get an understanding of your needs and schedule to match you with a best fit caregiver
  3. You will be sent their profiles, and can request a video call if you’d like to get to know them before deciding.
  4. Once decided, our team will ask for your particulars and help with your account creation on the Helpling platform where you will:
    1. Confirm your address and booking dates through the steps we send on email
    2. Set up your account and payment method
  5. All done!

Get started, and WhatsApp us here!

About Helpling Care

Helpling Care provides home care for families that require an extra pair of hands to care for their loved ones. Sometimes, you

Helpling’s caregivers are top-rated, thoughtful and thorough which give you the confidence and assurance you need so that you can be at ease knowing your loved ones are in good hands.

Helpling – A world of household services, just one click away.

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