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  • Let us know if you have any questions on the maintenance of your marble floor

What do I need to provide?

  • All marble floor polishing equipment will be provided by Helpling
  • Do provide us with photos of your marble floor and any areas of concern before the appointment


To ensure that our team focuses on providing the most efficient polishing service, we regret to inform you that the polishing service does not include the shifting of furniture.

If you would like areas under your furniture to be polished, it is highly recommended to shift your furniture before the appointment to allow our team to better accommodate your requests. You may also choose to add-on a moving service to get help with moving your furniture.

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“I really liked how marble tiles looked with the decor of my cafe. However, with the high amount of traffic going in and out of my cafe daily, I realised that my marble flooring was losing its shine quickly. Using baking soda and a soft cloth to wipe the stains was not working. Knowing that Helpling offers Marble Polishing, I immediately booked an appointment and the results were amazing. My marble tiles are now looking all shiny again!”

Lorraine Seah


“When I first renovated my house, I decided to pick marble as my living room floor material to match with my interior. After a few years, I realise that the marble floor was beginning to lose its shine. I decided to try out Helpling’s Marble Polishing and the results went beyond my expectations! My marble floor looks as good as new after the polishing. I will definitely engage Helpling again to maintain my marble floor regularly!”

Darren Goh


“My landlord required me to polish the apartment’s marble floor before the handover. Since I was booking a Move Out Cleaning with Helpling, I thought why not book a Marble Polishing as well. I was speechless at the results of both Marble Polishing and Move Out Cleaning! Thank you Helpling for making my handover such a smooth one.”

Lisa Palmer


Marble Polishing Rates

Square Footage Price
Less than 500 sqft $800
501-750 sqft $1000
751-1000 sqft $1200
1001-1300 sqft $1600
1301-1600 sqft $2000
1601-2000 sqft $2400
2001-2500 sqft $3000
2501-3000 sqft $3600
3001-3500 sqft $4200
3501-4000 sqft $4800
4001-4500 sqft $5400
4501-5000 sqft $6000
More than 5000 sqft WhatsApp us for a quote!

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Dirt, Spills and Grimes
Marble is considered a highly porous material. This means that dirt, spills, grime and more will easily penetrate through which results in your marble floor looking dull and stained. These dirt, spills and grimes may also build up between grout joints.

Some common household items that have a high chance of damaging your marble floor include food spills, drink spills, oil, grease and incorrect use of marble floor solution.

Heavy Foot Traffic
In addition, heavy foot traffic may also wear off the glossy shine of your marble floor. It is unavoidable that we often need to walk around in the house. Therefore, you may notice that floor areas that are frequently stepped on may be losing their shine more quickly than others.

Therefore, to keep your marble floor looking luxurious and shiny, regular maintenance is quintessential.
Marble tile, also known as porcelain tile, is made of classic stone materials, and its elegant finish makes it a popular tile choice for most homeowners.

One of the many reasons why marble flooring is so popular is because they add a touch of luxury to the house with its shiny and glossy finish. Marble floors are also versatile and complements almost any interior design.

But as a flooring material, it requires more maintenance and is more susceptible to damage than ceramic tile and other forms of natural stone.
Some homeowners prefer wiping off stains with a damp cloth, rather than engaging in professional polishing services. However, scratches and stain might still exist unless the marble flooring’s protective layer is gently buffed in.

Helpling’s Marble Polishing Services helps to deep clean, smooth and polish your marble flooring. Adding a thin layer of protection can prevent stains on your marble flooring and reduce minor scratches. Your favourite marble floor will be in good hands with our team that consists of professional and experienced specialists.

During deep cleaning, the pores of the marble will be opened which allows for a thorough and deeper cleaning of your marble to remove the dirt and grime that cannot be achieved with regular mopping. With the help of our specialised marble polishing machine, the marble surface will be buffed and polished to help smoothen the surface and restore the shine on your favourite marble floor.

Helpling’s Marble Polishing Services will leave your marble floor looking all smooth and shiny, restoring its original lustre.
Marble polishing ranges from $600 – $6000 depending on the area that requires polishing.
When you use Helpling, you’re not just letting anyone into your home. Every single one of our specialists has been thoroughly interviewed and chosen to provide you with the very best service. Each of our specialists has been background checked, and is reliable and trustworthy. All you have to do is make a booking, and leave the rest to us.

At Helpling, we put great effort into finding the very best specialist so that when you book with us, you get the great service that your home deserves. No risk, just a perfectly polished floor. Make a booking, sit back and relax. Let us do the hard work.