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How does it work?

▪ Select the area that requires polishing
▪ We will perform the required services
▪ Let us know if you have any questions on the maintenance of your vinyl floor

What do I need to provide?

▪ All vinyl floor polishing equipment will be provided by Helpling
▪ Do provide us with photos of your vinyl floor before the appointment

Vinyl Polishing Rates

Square Footage Price
Less than 500 sqft $600
501-750 sqft $900
751-1000 sqft $1200
1001-1300 sqft $1600
1301-1600 sqft $2000
1601-2000 sqft $2400
2001-2500 sqft $3000
2501-3000 sqft $3600
3001-3500 sqft $4200
3501-4000 sqft $4800
4001-4500 sqft $5400
4501-5000 sqft $6000
More than 5000 sqft WhatsApp us for a quote!

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Angie Loh, Wealth Manager

"Like many home owners, my work is hectic and I can't seem to find enough time to mop my vinyl tiles everyday. Neglected spills soon become stains and my vinyl flooring looks so worn out. Luckily, I discovered that Helpling provides an incredible variety of floor polishing services, which includes vinyl flooring polishing service. They were able to offer the service at a reasonable price, which is why I booked them at least once every year to get my house looking brand new again!"

Bernice Neo, Analyst

"I was looking for a provider that does vinyl flooring polishing and chanced upon Helpling's new vinyl flooring polishing services. Helpling provides a full range of services and I have previously engaged in their other home services. I was really satisfied with their good customer service and professional team so I decided to engage with them again. They did not disappoint this time either!"

Fiona Lam, Educator

"Vinyl floorings are known for their high durability and flexible properties, which is why most home owners thought that vinyl floorings are a good alternative to other floor tiles. However, I have always thought that my floors look shinier before but I can't get it to reach back to its original state no matter how much I clean it. Decided to give Helpling's vinyl flooring polishing services a try and the results were great! Did not know so much dirt could be embedded between those tiles until Helpling removed them all."

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What exactly are Vinyl Flooring Tiles?

Vinyl flooring options, also known as vinyl roll flooring or vinyl sheet flooring, are vinyl tiles that serve to imitate natural flooring options, like hardwood or ceramic tiles. They are mainly made out of synthetic materials, such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Because of their durability, stain resistant quality, and natural hardwood and ceramic tile look, luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl wood flooring are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new residential homes and many commercial spaces in Singapore.

Upon closer inspection, one can tell the difference between vinyl floor and hardwood or ceramic flooring. Most high quality vinyl flooring, as compared to ceramic tile, offer a glossy finish as they are dyed to mimic their hardwood counterparts. Knocking on it will also create a softer sound due to its rubberised backing.

Although vinyl flooring is generally considered a highly durable material, how well your floor lasts over time still depends on several factors, for instance, how well it is maintained.

Importance of Vinyl Polishing

Restore its original shine

While vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring are durable, there can be times where it is a hassle to maintain. Sometimes, wear and tear on floor tiles can create cracks that may attract dirt. Vacuuming and mopping may be insufficient to reach dirt embedded in there. As dirt and dust get stuck between the tiles, they start to lose their shine. The complete set of equipment will be needed to strip, seal and polish your floors so that they can return to their original beauty.

Preventing further damages to your flooring

Helpling’s Vinyl Polishing services not only help them look the best but also increase the lifespan of your vinyl floors by protecting them against future damages, such as cracks, scratches and more.

Using the most optimal method, Helpling will remove trapped dirt that may be bad for your family’s health. Worries such as allergic reactions from dust or falling sick due to bacteria in the house will soon be eliminated. Say goodbye to worn out floor surfaces and easily maintain good hygiene for your family.

Retain or increase the value of your home

If you are thinking of selling your house, the look of your vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring plays an important role in impacting their first impression. It will be difficult to overlook any scratches, embedded dirt or cracks.

However, did you know that the price of replacing vinyl flooring is significantly higher than the price of polishing them? Even the most affordable prices cost around $750 just to replace 500 sqft.

Regularly polishing your vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring can help preserve their original state, making sure they look as good as new without completely replacing them. A fresh, well-maintained look will improve the aura of living there, increasing the appeal to the prospective buyers.

Even if you are not selling your house just yet, a polished, clean vinyl floor tiles provides comfort for your forever home.

How often should you polish your vinyl flooring?

The polish is the uppermost layer of your vinyl tiles or linoleum flooring that prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating and staining the floor. Despite vinyl being a resilient flooring, the polish should be reapplied regularly.

While some vinyl flooring suppliers recommend that vinyl tiles polishing be done once or twice per year, it is recommended that you polish your vinyl tiles once/twice every month. Helpling's Vinyl Flooring Polishing services will deeply cleanse most stains, making it a breeze to sustain its natural shine.

How long does vinyl polishing take?

The time needed to polish your vinyl flooring depends on the area Helpling is covering. It is estimated to take around 2-3 hours to complete.

First, furniture around the vinyl flooring that needs to be polished will be moved away. Next, we pick out polish products that are suitable for your floor, apply it and try to even it out with our equipment. We use several techniques that will help the polish to be applied evenly for the perfect flooring. These techniques will help to avoid the formation of bubbles in the polish and ensure that the vinyl flooring is slip resistant. Lastly, the polish is let dry and the floor is buffed.

Insured, local floor specialist

Our team is equipped with abundant knowledge, experience and skills about vinyl flooring care and floor polishing. They have undergone certain trainings to understand the proper techniques for vinyl flooring polishing. This is to ensure that your vinyl flooring is restored to its glorious shiny days.

When you use Helpling, you're not just letting anyone into your home. Every single one of our specialists has been thoroughly interviewed and chosen to provide you with the very best service. Each of our specialists has been background checked, and is reliable and trustworthy. All you have to do is make a booking, and leave the rest to us.

At Helpling, we put great effort into finding the very best specialist so that when you book with us, you get the great service that your home deserves. No risk, just a perfectly polished floor. Make a booking, sit back and relax. Let us do the hard work.

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