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Trusted Workmanship

Our skilled service providers only use the best tools and cleaning solutions. Quality maintenence is key to the longetivity of your air-conditioners.

Experienced Aircon Technicians

To put your mind at ease when engaging Helpling's services, only vetted and experienced aircon service providers are allowed on the Helpling platform.

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Reviews on Helpling

Helpling’s services is perfect for time-strapped professionals like me. I have a weekly cleaning service with Thuzar and recently tried their aircon services. Happy to delegate all my household chores to Helpling!

Jacintha T. Lee , Neurosurgeon

I appreciate the fast response time from Helpling’s customer service. Since I book the cleaning service together with the air-conditioner servicing, I can free up my schedule and spend more time with my 3-year-old daughter.

Claire Eisenberg, Specialist Teacher

It is so easy to book a cleaning service on Helpling. My cleaner arrived on time and did a really good job in cleaning my house. Would definitely recommend Helpling to make our busy lives so much easier!

Richard L. Smith, Head of Compliance

Helpling's Advantage

Quality Assurance

To ensure that the quality of the service you get, you can look at the ratings and reviews of the aircon service provider before engaging the provider. You can refer to the reviews and ratings of previous customers to decide if you would like to engage an aircon service provider on the Helpling platform.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our friendly customer service will gladly help you and will answer any questions by e-mail or by phone. You can reach us from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, ambiguities or requests for improvement. We are there for you and support you in the best possible way!

Aircon Service in Singapore that you can trust

Importance of Aircon Services

Air Conditioning may be a life saver in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Nothing feels better than stepping into an air conditioned room after a long walk home from the office. However, it is because of the hot weather that immense stress is placed on your aircon units. As a result, aircon problems are extremely common. Problems such as hot air as well as water leaks can ruin a good nights’ sleep as well as cause a lack of focus. As your first step to solving your aircon problems, it is pivotal to understand the complexities of a commercial grade Aircon System. Aircon services is definitely not something that can be done on your own using home-fix tools and a manual. One wrong move can cause the entire air conditioning unit to malfunction, and you will have to change the entire aircon unit. You will definitely require someone with years of experience with aircon services to ensure that your aircon unit is operating in an optimal condition. You will also have to check that you get professional aircon services regularly, else problems like aircon leaks will arise. As a result, we at Helpling have decided to bring to Singapore, the best Aircon Service in Singapore. Let’s give your air conditioners some tender loving care.

Experiencing Recurring Aircon Problems?

Recurring problems are the main headache for most aircon users. Your regular Singapore aircon service provider may have done aircon servicing, and you think that your aircon woes are solved. However, just 3 days later, the same problems arise again. Your aircon relapses and starts leaking water, or refuses to cool the room again. We are sure that you have experienced this before. Here is what went wrong: many Singapore aircon service providers do not necessarily have the knowledge and technical skills to fix such issues. They implement temporary fixes to the aircon, causing the aircon to relapse into its old problems after a few days. Furthermore, different aircon systems have different servicing techniques, and most aircon service providers go to a one-stop solution for all aircon models.

Why choose Helpling?

Fret not, we at Helpling only provide the best aircon technicians found in Singapore. Helpling is one of the most respectable platforms in the aircon services industry in Singapore. Helpling is driven by our high quality and standards, state-of-the-art technology, and is always willing to go the extra mile in order to provide quality aircon services. Not only do we conduct multiple layers of stringent checks on all aircon technicians, they will also have to complete a written test before they come onboard Helpling. We have a range of prestigious clients and are always looking to build new relationships. Our dedicated and fully qualified team is committed to providing outstanding customer service.

At Helpling, we provide all forms of air-con services like aircon washing and aircon cleaning for both residential and commercial locations. This means that our qualified and professional technicians are able to perform aircon services for both homes and offices. Helpling aircon service providers have the ability to do aircon service for make or model of aircon, no matter how old or large. Whatever brand of aircon you own, be it a Mitsubishi aircon model, LG aircon model, Daikin aircon model, Samsung aircon model, Panasonic aircon model, Fujitsu aircon model or Toshiba aircon model, our highly qualified personnel at Helpling will be able to give the best aircon service in Singapore. Considering that the aircon service technicians from Helpling have undergone strict checks and are skillful and are well-versed and experienced in the repair and maintenance of all air conditioners, they are more than qualified to repair your aircon unit!

Unlike your traditional aircon service company, not only do we offer convenience at the touch of a finger, but we also promise aircon services of the highest quality, done by thoroughly vetted professionals. Not only do we provide the best aircon service, we also provide the best after-care customer service. So what are you waiting for, Book your Aircon Service appointment through the Helpling App now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Helpling?

Helpling is Singapore's leading online marketplace for the provision of household services. On the website or via the app you can find reliable help for your home within a few clicks. In addition, Helpling provides service providers for other household-related services, such as: As cleaners, garden workers, dog sitter, etc.

How much does Helpling's aircon service cost?

Aircon servivcing costs $30 for each unit.

Can I communicate with my aircon service provider in advance?

Yes, after your booking request has been accepted by your aircon service provider, you can contact him/her via the Helpling platform. Use the chat function in the app or on the website to inform your service provider of any special instructions. Here you can discuss the most important details about the service, and your service provider can prepare accordingly.

Can I book the same aircon service provider every time?

We cannot guarantee the same aircon service provider but will try our best to get you the same aircon service provider.

Are the service providers insured in the event of damage?

Yes. In the unlikely event of damage to your property in the course of the aircon service, Helpling will refer the case to insurance. This covers damage from 1000 Singapore Dollars.

For damage under 1000 Singapore Dollars, you may contact the service provider directly and agree on a reasonable compensation. The contact details of your service provider can be found in the confirmation email you received. More information about liability insurance can be found here: Liability Insurance.

Please note: The decision on the settlement of a liability insurance claim is made only by the insurer. Helpling has no influence on that.

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