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Why Choose Helpling

Why Helpling

Are you looking for a trusted spring cleaning service to transform your home into a sparkling clean one? We're rated the No.1 cleaning service provider on TheSmartLocal and Expat Living. Book our spring cleaning service in four simple steps:

Step 1: Use our user-friendly booking system to book a cleaning appointment online for a day and time that best suit your needs.

Step 2: Our team of consisting of professional cleaners will inspect your premises and get down to the spring cleaning. In case the time is insufficient, our team will inform you on-site.

Step 3: The spring cleaning team will use a personalized checklist to meticulously refresh your property one room after another. We're the first to introduce this best-in-class practice to Singapore.

Step 4: Once your one-off session ends, the cleaning professionals will ask for your feedback and will depart only after gaining your approval, leaving you with a thoroughly refreshed home.

Why Helpling

Meet Top-Rated Cleaning Professionals



154 jobs completed

"Hi there, please call me Lin :) I have 6 years of cleaning experience as a hotel housekeeper and I can do basic cleaning such as ironing and cleaning surfaces. Count on me to make your home as clean as possible!"



495 jobs completed

"Hi, I'm Jade. I have 4 years of cleaning experience being a housekeeper at condominiums and hotels in Singapore. I love my job and seeing a tidied house after hours of cleaning makes me happy :)"



789 jobs completed

"Hello, I'm Phan. I have 4 years of working experience as a hotel housekeeper so I am confident in delivering the skills learnt in hotels to your homes. I am fluent in Chinese and can converse well in basic English. Looking forward to seeing you!"

Scope of Work

We believe in the philosophy of quality work, and with Helpling, you will be provided with the best professionals and services to make your house ready for the festive season.

Living Spaces

▪ Wiping of all surfaces including aircon exterior
▪ Cleaning of window interiors, frames and sill*
▪ Wiping of cabinet interiors and shelves if it’s empty
▪ Cleaning of all ceiling fans and normal light fixtures
▪ Vacuuming and mopping of floor area


▪ Wiping of all surfaces (including cabinets, sinks, dining tables and walls)
▪ Cleaning of kitchen appliances (including the interior and exterior of refrigerator, stove, cooker hood and hob)
▪ Disposal of garbage and replacement of garbage bags
▪ Vacuuming and mopping of floor area


▪ Cleaning of all surfaces (including toilet bowls, bathtub and/or shower area, glass surfaces and mirrors, basin and tap, ventilation fan, floor and drains, wall tiles and door)
▪ Tidying of racks and drawers (exterior)
▪ Disposal of garbage and replacement of garbage bags


▪ Wiping of all surfaces (including air-con exterior*, window interior, frames and sill, ceiling fans and normal light fixtures, cabinet interiors and exteriors, shelves)
▪ Tidying of racks and drawers (exterior)
▪ Disposal of garbage and replacement of garbage bags
▪ Vacuuming and mopping of floor area

Others services

▪ Sweeping and mopping of balcony
▪ Wiping of glass windows and metal grilles (if any)

Spring Cleaning Rates

Apartment Size Price
Studio Apartments under 750sqft $350
2-3 Bedrooms Apartments between 750-1000sqft $400
3-4 Bedrooms Apartments between 1001-1300sqft $450
4-5 Bedrooms Apartments between 1300-1600sqft $550
Penthouses and Landed Properties between 1601-2000 $650

Why Should You Choose Helpling's Spring Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning can be a hustle during the festive season

Traditionally, spring cleaning is an annual ritual when homeowners do a deep, floor-to-ceiling home cleaning to usher in the start of spring. In Singapore context, a spring-cleaning marathon is carried out in preparation for the festive season when families celebrate Christmas or usher in the eminent Chinese New Year in a clean slate.

A well-thought spring-cleaning is no walk in the park; it requires dedication for every section to be sparkling clean and welcoming. Spring-cleaning could be so time-consuming and hectic; hence, it needs proper planning to achieve perfect execution.

How is Helpling's spring cleaning service different from regular cleaning service?

Our spring-cleaning is different from regular house cleaning because we go as far as cleaning even the hidden spots that would usually be overlooked during a routine house cleaning.

We provide the cleaners with a supervisor (more experienced and knowledgeable) to oversee the whole cleaning process in your home. With our well-informed supervisor in charge, you may not have to be around for the job to be done to your expectation. Once you have safely secured your valuable and other confidential or private belongings, our professional cleaners take over to clean the rooms.

How do I prepare for a spring cleaning service?

You don't have to prepare anything! We have mastered the spring cleaning tips and tricks, and we have comprehensive spring-cleaning checklists to guide us, so you can engage our highly qualified team of cleaners to do the work for you.

Do I really need a spring cleaning service?

Spring cleaning sessions are usually planned on your own before the festive season or springtime, but sometimes, this mandatory cleaning gets in the way with your busy schedule. Helpling is here to provide that ease of comfort to help you with your spring cleaning duties and prepare you for the festivals in no time!

Book A Spring Cleaning In Just 60 Seconds

Insured, legal cleaners

Our marketplace is made up of thoroughly vetted, tested, and well-trained professionals. We take the time to do rigorous background checks before admitting any home cleaner to our pool because our reputation depends on it. All our cleaners have either years of experience in hotel housekeeping, or domestic work so you can be assured on the quality of cleaning. Cleaning materials are provided, so just make a booking, sit back and relax, and let us do the hard work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Helpling?

Helpling is the lifestyle app for housekeeping and home services. You can find reliable help for your home through the website or mobile app in just a few clicks. In addition, Helpling provides other household-related services, such as: plumbing services, aircon services, post renovation cleaning services and etc.

How do I book for a spring cleaning service from Helpling?

Our website allows you to swiftly book a spring cleaning appointment in just three simple steps - set the date and time for our professionals to visit and pay securely through our website. Tell us what you need and let us take care of the rest for you.

Do I have to be present when the cleaners arrive?

We provide a team of cleaners with a supervisor (more experienced and knowledgeable) to oversee the whole cleaning process in your home. With our well-informed supervisor in charge, you may not have to be around for the job to be done to your expectation.

Can I communicate with my spring cleaning team in advance?

Yes, after your booking request has been accepted and processed, you may contact your service team via the Helpling platform. Use the chat function in the app or on the website for any special instructions.

Are the service providers insured?

Yes. In the unlikely event of damage to your property in the course of the service, Helpling will refer the case to our insurance provider. This covers damage from 1,000 Singapore Dollars.

For damage under 1,000 Singapore Dollars, you may contact the service provider directly and agree on a reasonable compensation. The contact details of your service provider can be found in the confirmation email you received. More information about liability insurance can be found here: Liability Insurance.

Please note: The decision on the settlement of a liability insurance claim is made only by the insurer. Helpling has no influence on that.

Book a spring cleaning session in a few simple steps