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Standard Cleaning Package
There are some chores that sit on your to-do list forever. We keep putting them off because, honestly, how many of us want to spend our Saturday afternoon scrubbing the inside of the oven? Or dusting cupboard shelves? At Helpling, we definitely think life is too short to spend it cleaning the forgotten corners of your home. Discuss with your cleaner how you want to spend the booked hours.
Additional Cleaning services

So we have the answer. You can discuss any of these cleaning services with your maid for the same transparent hourly rate. Our part-time maids will take those tasks off your hands, and leave you with neatly ironed clothes, a germ-free fridge, and wardrobes as beautiful and clean as the clothes inside them.

Inside oven
Inside refrigerator
Inside windows

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Ironing services

With Helpling, you can have your clothes look as neat and fresh as your home with our ironing service. No more standing over a steaming hot iron for hours on end. We have Singapore cleaners who can take this task off your hands, leaving you with free time and crisp shirts. Our housekeeping partners are experienced and capable of handling your clothing and textiles with care. There’s no reason to fear burn marks, creases, or wrinkles with Helping’s ironing services, as Helpling housemaids are ironing experts. All you need to do is provide the iron and the ironing board! Please add into your booking notes if you required ironing services.

Oven cleaning

Do you love to cook, but hate cleaning the oven? Let’s be honest, no one enjoys scrubbing away at baked-on grease and grime. Frequent oven use, and the occasional cooking mishap, such as spills, splatters, and scorching, can leave a layer of burnt dirt on your oven’s surface which can stop it from working efficiently. What’s worse, is that a dirty oven can also pose a health risk to your family, if built-up grease and charred food turns into deadly carbon and produces nasty fumes.

Fridge cleaning

Did you know that the shelves and drawers in your fridge can house around 8,000 bacteria per square centimetre? This cool haven for our food can actually be one of the dirtiest components in the kitchen. Keep your groceries germ-free by letting us take on the fridge cleaning, on top of your general home cleaning service. Why risk your family’s health by allowing dangerous bacteria to multiply, or spend all of your free time washing and scrubbing all the shelves, drawers, and rubber seals, when Helpling can do it for you?

Wardrobe and cupboard cleaning

The insides of your cupboards and closets can very often be dirtier than you think. And it’s another chore we very rarely take care of. Fingerprints, food, dust, dirt and grime all have the tendency to accumulate quickly, yet cleaning out all of your cupboards can be a daunting task. With Helpling, there’s no need to spend your free time scrubbing shelves or cleaning drawers. Why not spend your spare time filling your wardrobe with new goodies (or organising the ones you already have) by adding a cupboard or closet cleaning to your standard home cleaning service?

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