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Do I really need gardening and landscaping services?

Trimming and prunign for plants and trees

Benefits of Regular Trimming and Pruning

1. Safety

Trimming and pruning your trees helps to remove dead branches which are prone to falling especially during storms.

2. Improve the appearance of your trees/plants

Regular trimming and pruning is important to ensure that overgrown portions of the trees/plants are removed, improving their overall appearance and shape.

3. Keeps your trees and plants healthy

Trimming and pruning your trees/plants regularly can help to ensure dead or infested branches and leaves are removed, allowing the tree/plant to grow healthily.

Why you should cut your grass regularly

Benefits of Regular Grass Cutting

1. Keeps your landscape healthy

The height of the grass-blades is an important factor to ensure healthy growth. Regular grass cutting keeps the grass-blades an ideal height, thereby allowing the right amount of sunlight and nutrients to reach the grass. With adequate sunlight and nutrients, the grass will be able to photosynthesize and thrive from health benefits, and therefore a beautiful lawn.

2. Eliminate pests and rodents

An overgrown landscape provides an ideal habitat for pests and rodents to thrive. These pests and rodents often damage the grass, resulting in poor appearance of your lawn and may even spread various diseases. Regular landscape maintenance is important to ensure that these pests and rodents are eliminated, thereby ensuring a clean and healthy lawn.

3. Improve the overall appearance of your lawn

Regular grass cutting and mowing helps your lawn to look more uniformed, contributing to the overall appearance of your lawn.

Benefits of weed removal

Benefits of Weed Removal

1. Improve the appearance of your garden

Weeds grow relatively quickly and are often unsightly. To maintain the appearance of your garden, weed removal is an important step in your garden maintenance journey.

2. Keep your other plants healthy

Weeds may compete with other plants in your garden for sunlight and nutrients. Weed removal is important to ensure that other plants in your garden get sufficient sunlight and nutrients to stay healthy.

How does it work?

▪ Select the duration required
▪ The above services will be carried out during the duration of the event
▪ Let us know if there are any service you would like us to focus on

What do I need to provide?

▪ All landscape maintenance equipment will be provided by Helpling
▪ Do provide us with photos of your garden/lawn before the appointment

Not sure what you need?

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Landscape Maintenance Rates

Duration Price
1.5 hours $150
2.0 hours $200
2.5 hours $250
3.0 hours $300
3.5 hours $350
4.0 hours $400
4.5 hours $450
5.0 hours $500
5.5 hours $550
6.0 hours $600

Important note

Regular gardening/landscaping maintenance important. If the garden or lawn has not been maintained in months, we will need a longer time to ensure all services are executed. If needed, you may choose to book for a longer event duration.


We seek your understanding that we reserve the right to turn down service if there are unforeseen circumstances that may make our helpers uncomfortable or put them in harm’s way. Our team ensures the utmost best in our workmanship, but we will not be liable for any consequential and incidental damage.

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Marie Louie, Risk Analyst

"Thank you Helpling for fixing my garden! It was difficult to find reliable landscaping maintenance services in Singapore and I am glad that I found Helpling. They provided the best professional gardeners available and they are very experienced! I am very satisfied with the service, and would highly recommend them to my friends."

Daniel Chong, Senior Financial Advisor

"I've been a long time customer of Helpling's cleaning service. I found out about their landscaping maintenance services through my account manager. The guys were punctual and efficient in their handling my garden. Good job guys!"

Valerie Chan, Banker

"It's easy to book a service with Helpling and all the prices are listed on their website. No hidden fees. Knowing that the gardeners take part in commercial projects as well, I can be assured that my garden will be professionally handled. Also, their customer service is responsive and attentive!"

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How often do I need trim my plants?

Too keep your garden or lawn fresh, clean and nicely trimmed, it is recommended to call in maintenance services bi-weekly for your garden/lawn. Services include grass cutting, weed removal, trimming and clearing of debris.

What does landscaping maintenance entail?

Helpling offers a variety of landscape maintenance services.

During the session, our gardener will work on cutting the grass, trimming and pruning bushes, shrubs and plants, removal of weeds and sweeping of dried leaves.If you have any particular request for our gardener, feel free to let our friendly customer service officer know and we will make the arrangements.

One booking session lasts for 1 hour and this duration is sufficient for regular maintenance. Do note that if you choose to call in maintenance for your yard/garden/lawn at a low frequency, you may need to book for a longer event duration as our gardener will need to carry out longer maintenance works.

Professional and experienced gardeners

Whether it is lawn mowing, grass cutting, trimming or pruning, Helpling is here to help you with your garden/lawn maintenance needs. Our landscaping team has years of experience and knowledge dealing with different types of plants/shrubs and have great experiences in commercial projects. Our landscaping team have years of experience dealing with different types of plants and have great experiences in commerical projects. When you use Helpling, you’re not just letting anyone into your home. Every single one of our gardeners has been thoroughly interviewed and chosen to provide you with the very best service. Each of our gardeners has been background checked, and is reliable and trustworthy. All you have to do is make a booking, and leave the rest to us.

At Helpling, we put great effort into finding the very best gardeners so that when you book with us, you get the great service that your home deserves. No risk, just a perfect and clean garden/lawn. Make a booking, sit back and relax. Let us do the hard work.

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