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5 DIY remedies for a fresh smelling home

Looking forward to coming back to a fresh, almost delectable, smelling home? Struggling to get rid of the smell after cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Or dreading that musty odor whenever you open up the shoe cabinet? Our team at Helpling will love to share with you 5 simple and natural methods to get rid of that bad odour today!

1. Lemon perfume for your fridge

As the food piles up in your fridge, notice that it starts smelling funky over time? Cut a lemon into half, remove the pulp and fill it with salt. Place this on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. The salt helps to absorb bad odors, while the lemon zest will release a sweet refreshing scent in your fridge. Still, this little remedy is no match against stinkers from food turning bad, so remember to clear your fridge often!

2. Coffee beans by candlelight

coffee beans by candlelight

Are you one of those that takes a huge whiff whenever you step into a cafe, to take in that rich comforting aroma of coffee? You can recreate that scent at home too! Fill a jar with some coffee beans and place a tea candle in it. The heat from the candle helps release the aroma from the coffee beans, allowing that distinct scent of homeliness to fill up your apartment. 

3. Perfume for the vacuum

perfume for vacuum

Over time, your vacuum may release an unpleasant smell of mold from all that dirt trapped in the filter bags. To solve this, simply pour a few drops of essential oils or perfume into the filter bags. And voila!

4. A touch of eucalyptus

a touch of eucalyptus

A bunch of eucalyptus makes for a good home decoration idea, and its delicate scent brings freshness into the room. Grab a bunch and place it in a vase for your room, or hang them over your shower head in the toilet – the steam from your shower helps release the fragrance too!

5. An intense spin of flavors

an intense mix of flavours

A fan of strong therapeutic scents? Pick and choose your favorite smells from cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, rosemary or pine needles! Place them in a pot of water and set to boil, with a dash of olive or jojoba oil. Then sit back, and allow that intense, almost intoxicating, scent to wharf through your house.

A nice smelling home makes for a happy one. Hope these little tricks have worked magic for you!

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