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How To Get Rid Of Post-Renovation Smells

You’ve finally got a sparkling new home renovation, but the pesky smell of paint and chemicals still lingers around. These can be irritating and even detrimental to your health. But look no further for a solution – in this guide, we present to you a few tips that will allow you to finally bask in the comfort of your newly renovated home.

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Get rid of post-renovation smells

Keep all the windows open for as long as possible and let out the smells

This is the best and most straightforward way to get rid of post-renovation smells. Leaving the windows open will allow the air to circulate and move the smells out of the house. As long as the weather permits, try to leave the windows open. 

To accelerate the process, you can also switch on the fans and point them towards the windows to drive the smells out. 

Place bamboo charcoal or activated carbon everywhere

Bamboo charcoal and activated carbon are known for being able to absorb smells and other harmful chemicals in the air. This will give you fresher air in your home.

These do lose effectiveness once they’ve been used to a certain degree, so they will need to be replaced to become useful again. 

Add houseplants to cleanse the air of bad smells

Houseplants such as cacti or aloe vera are able to remove chemicals and naturally cleanse the air in your home. Even after the post-renovation smells have been removed, these houseplants can still fit into your home as decor and to keep the air in your home clean.

Use natural items from your newly renovated kitchen!

If you prefer not to spend any money to get charcoal or plants, look into your kitchen and grab items such as tea leaves, lemons, coffee grounds, and onions. Some of these items are able to absorb unpleasant smells while others are able to provide a refreshing aroma.

Make sure the house is thoroughly disinfected

After renovation, there’s bound to be lots of dust, dirt, and even leftover chemicals in your home. In order to ensure that you can get rid of post-renovation smells, you have to thoroughly disinfect the premises so that all the dust, dirt, and chemicals are removed. 

If the dust, dirt, and chemicals aren’t removed, there’s a chance that the smells will return and the air quality in your home will not be great.

Consider using an air purifier 

As a final level of protection, consider using an air purifier, especially if you have pets, kids, or elderly living in the space. This will help ensure that the air in your home is clean and safe.

Eliminate post-renovation smells

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