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tips for Planning Your Confinement Tian Wei Signature x Helpling

As a new mother, there will be many times you feel extremely overwhelmed. From learning the dos and don’ts to figuring out what works for you, it will be quite the journey. That’s why it is essential to be prepared and surround yourself with the right support system to help make this process a lot smoother.Before we drive into the main pointers, here are some important confinement rules that most nannies swear by the book :

  • Don’t wash your hair for as long as possible
  • Bathe only in lukewarm to hot water, accompanied with nourishing herbs
  • Avoid clothes that reveal the shoulders or any part of the body in direct contact with wind and cool air from fans and air conditioners
  • No carrying of heavy items
  • Eat lots of ginger, sesame and drink red date longan tea in place of water
  • No cold drinks, alcohol or caffeine products
  • No raw or spicy food
  • Avoid bringing your newborn out of the house

Now that we have get the rules out of the way, let’s get started on our tips!

1.Eating Well

Eating Well

Your baby gets his/her nutrition from you, so having healthy meals jammed packed nutrients is paramount. Postpartum confinement food consists of daily meals designed to steer and recondition the mother’s body for a better recovery after childbirth.
If you do not have a confinement nanny or are not assured that regular confinement meals can be prepared daily by yourself or a family member, it might be stressful figuring out how to go about this process on your own.

Your dietry worries are over with Tian Wei Signature’s confinement meal catering service ( also known as “tingkat”). Tian Wei offers a spread of food choices that is not only customisable but traditional and nutricious for the post natal body. Let’s take a look at some of the cusines they offer :

  • Traditional Cusisine


Traditional Cuisine

Under Traditional Cuisine, you can expect cult classics such as Sesame Braised Chicken, braised pork trotter in black vinegar and many others. Traditional Chinese herbs like ginseng, dang gui, dang shen, Old Ginger, Angelica, fenugreek are used in the meals to boost recovery.

  • Fusion Cuisine


fusion cuisine

For those looking for something a little more exciting, you can opt for the fusion cuisine. They serve a mixture of Japanese, Mediterranean, and western cuisines such as Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream, Chicken Chop with Chestnut in Mushroom Cream Sauce, Coq Au Vin, and Passion Fruit Apple Salmon. You can also expect a serving of dessert with your fusion dish pack.

The fusion meals not only incorporate nutrious ingredients like quinoa, salmon and barley,they are also breastfeeding friendly.

  • Herbal Soup


herbal soup

Ginseng Nourishing Soup – Strengthen the body’s immmune system and energy, and promotes digestion. Suitable for people who are physically weaker and experienced a loss of appetiteTian Wei Signature also provides over 40 herbal soups specially formulated to provide healing benefits.

herbal soup 2

Sheng Hua Tang – increases and promote blood circulation during postpartum and promotes secretion of milk.While Tian Wei Signature does not provide an individual confinement soup package, all of their traditional meals come with herbal soups

Benefits of Tian Wei Signature Confinement Meals

  • Have confinement meals delivered straight to your doostep
  • Islandwide delivery in Singapore!
  • Nutrious and balanced daily meals prepared for you – hasten body recovery after childbirth
  • A strong mum, a happier baby!

2. Resting Well

Postpartum recovery can take months. Even though many women feel mostly recovered after 6-8 weeks, it could take a while before everything is back to normal. It is important to remember that your body is not aware of your timelines and expectations and the best thing you can do for it is rest, eat well, and give yourself a break.

With the newborn taking much of your time and energy time and energy, other responsibilities could be at the back of your mind.

For new parents, having someone else helping with the household responsibilities definitely makes settling down more comfortable. With a helpling hand, you and your partner can focus on your needs and the needs of your baby, rather than on the laundry or dirty dishes.

Helpers can be family, friends, or a paid home care provider. Considering how it is difficult to get a full-time, in house helper, opting for cleaning services is a feasible option to lighten your load.

Consider Helpling, the #1 online marketplace that provides customers with quality, part-time cleaning professionals!

Some of the services include :

  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Surface disinfection
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Regular dusting
  • Rubbish removal

It is always understandable that certain chores are sometimes overlooked. Tasks such as cleaning the fridge, oven, interior windows or even organising the wardrobe. If these are areas you need help with, fret not as our part-time maids will be more than happy to relieve your burden for you!
You can add any of these extra services to your standard residential cleaning serivce

  • Ironing
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Regular dusting
  • Rubbish removal

The sign-up process is easy and hassle-free ; you can do so on their website or via the Helpling App

3. Asking for Help

asking for help

Adapting to a new role is never easy. Be it in the workplace or at home, this sudden undertaking of more responsibility can take a toll on mums.

With so many things on your hands, it is not surprising that mental health and support often take a backseat. Research into infant development continues to highlight the importance of the mother’s psychological and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Dont worry, as the challenges you are facing as a new mom are normal and that you are not going through this phase alone.

Some common issues new mothers face include :

  • Sleep deprivation and exhaustion
  • Concern for the baby’s safety
  • Post natal trauma ( seperation anxiety after childbirth)
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Less active social life
  • Insecurity with own apperance

For mental support, it is so important to seek for guidance from family and friends. There are numerous online communities where you can connect with other moms to help you get through difficult times.
Here is a checklist to help you keep track of how you are feeling for mental health support.

4.Getting Help for Recovery

Getting Help for Recovery

It is also crucial that you have physical support from professionals such as massage therapists and lactation consultants.

One popular choice would be the Postnatal Massage Services from PN Singapore as their benefits consist of :

  • Helping with Womb Recovery


Childbirth delivery changes a mother’s well being drastically. Postnatal massage helps to encourage the discharge of lochia, pelvic positions and improve the abdominal organs to be positioned as it used to be.

  • Improving Lactation and Resolving Breast Engorgement Issues


Postnatal massage therapy relaxes muscles in breastfeeding mothers which naturally helps to lower their stress hormones, increase blood circulation and decreases the swelling.

  • Relieving back pain and body aches


  • Reducing water retention


  • improving your mood and ease in sleeping


Postnatal massage therapy can help postpartum mothers to ease tiredness by promoting relaxation to enhance sleep quality, thus significantly reducing muscle tension and increasing blood circulation for new mothers.

Often, we don’t know how tough being a mother is until we become mums ourselves. Whether it’s your first time or if you’re a seasoned mummy, we hope that this list of resources was useful to you!

Here’s a small gift from us to you for reading all the way 🙂

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