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Babyproofing Your House With These Products

As you prepare for your baby’s arrival, there are several things you need to prep for, including creating an environment that is safe for a baby. Once baby starts to crawl (around 6 to 10 months), you’ll need to do a second baby proofing sweep to make sure the house is safe for a baby on the move.Why is it important to childproof your home?

9.2 million children are rushed to the emergency room as the result of an unintentional injury. An average of 12,175 children age 0-19 die each year from these injuries. accidental injury is the leading cause of death in kids till age 14.

Since more than one-third of these injuries occur at home, babyproofing your home can significantly reduce these risks.

Areas to Take Note Of :

  • Potential for falling: balconies, stairs, slippery floors, or tipping furniture
  • Watery areas like bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, and hot tubs
  • Heat or fire: fireplaces, stoves, ovens, grills, hair irons, or boiling water
  • Toxic substances: underneath the kitchen sink, medicine cabinets, the garage or garden shed
  • Choking hazards: certain food items, unsafe sleep environment, craft room, toy room, or workshop

1. Install Toilet Locks

toilet bowl lock

Did you know that kids can drown in small amounts of water — even just a few inches? Babies are likely to be drawn to opening bathroom cabinets and playing in the toilet.
This opens up a whole can of worms because the toilet is a huge safety hazard.
In order to prevent accidents- it would be wise to install some toilet locks to keep your baby out of the toilet.

You can get the product here .

2. Install Child-Safe Window Cable Locks

Window Locks

Kids are a curious bunch and will be exploring the house a lot.
To prevent any accidents, it would be best to install these child safe window locks.

You can get the product here .

3. Install Gates

gated baby proofing

Keep your child within safe spaces by dividing up your house with baby gates.
This blocks off access to areas that could potentially be hazardous.

You can get the product here .

4. Watch Out For Sharp Corners

Bumps and bruises are normal, but in order to minimise serious injuries, it would be best to cover up any sharp edges in the house.

You can get the product here .

5. Look Out for Electricity Sockets

electrictity sockets

A charger can cause serious electrical burns when it is plugged in. There have been instances where babies suffer from scary electrical burns by being around an exposed socket.

To solve this problem, we highly recommend getting baby safety socket covers that can be easily online for $1.50!

6. Perform a Final Sweep

Since we’re spending more time at home, take note of how you interact with your surroundings during the day and its possible safety implications. Keep safe everyone!

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