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8 Tips To Help You Sleep Better On A Hot Night

On this little red dot called Singapore, we have to deal with some unbearably hot nights. With temperatures of up to 30 degrees or more at night, it’s difficult for our room to cool down naturally, which makes falling asleep tough. Which methods really work to help you sleep better? This post will cover some dos and don’ts so you can have a good night’s rest even if it’s a hot night.

Tips to sleep better

Don’t: Sleeping naked

sleep better - lady under blanket

Tempted to sleep naked because of the heat? Might not be a good idea because you risk catching a cold. Instead, wear cold pyjamas. Put them in a plastic bag and place it in the fridge. If you like it extra cool, you can even put your bedsheets in the fridge until you go to bed.

Don’t: Cold shower

sleep better - cold shower

When you take a cold shower, your blood vessels contract and are unnecessarily stimulated. Instead of cooling down, you begin to sweat even more. Thus, take a warm shower – it relaxes the body and guarantees a stress-free sleep.

Do: Cold water bottle

sleep better - cold water bottle

Convert a hot-water bottle into a “cold-water bottle” for hot nights. Fill a bottle with cold water and put it in the fridge a few hours before going to sleep. Be careful though – don’t place the bottle on your stomach or neck as it can cause tensions or even nephritis. Instead, place it on your legs, arms, and forehead.

Don’t: Duvet

sleep better - ditch the duvet

Stay away from the duvet – a sheet is enough. Opt for a cotton sheet – the natural fibres emit moisture better than satin and you will sweat less.

Do: Refreshing footbath

sleep better - foot bath

A cool footbath is both refreshing and relaxing. Hold your feet in 12 to 18-degree cold water for 30 seconds. While our body pumps blood in our legs to warm them, the body eases off. This helps us relax and fall asleep.

Don’t: Airing the room in the day

sleep better - air the room

To keep the hot air out, leave the windows closed during the day. Instead, air the apartment early in the morning or overnight.

Don’t: Beer at night

sleep better - beer

No matter how refreshing a cold beer may be after a long day – it is a true sleep killer. At night, our body needs extra energy to process the alcohol. The result: nightly sweat attacks, which disrupt our deep sleep phase and wake us up at night.

By the way, cool mint tea has the opposite effect. It cools and relaxes our body – the perfect drink for sweatless nights.

Do: Wet sheet

sleep better - dehumidifier

A humidifier is not only expensive, but it can also cause a sore throat. The cheaper alternative is to hang a wet cotton sheet in front of the window. It stores the moisture and will slowly emit it. While the sheet is drying, it steals the room’s heat. That way, the bedroom is pleasantly cool for a few hours.

With these tips, we hope you can have a good night’s rest!

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