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This Cleaning Service Is A Must Have For New Homeowners

Moving into a house of your own is a major life milestone for many. But it also comes with many responsibilities and extra things to deal with. Read on to find out how this cleaning service helped our guest writer cope with being a new homeowner and enjoying married life.

The following is a guest posting from a loyal customer.

Before we got married, my husband and I had it all planned out. Ever since we started talking about married life, we agreed (or did I force him to) that we would do the housework together in future. At least before we have kids and consider getting a full-time domestic helper. 

So we applied for a BTO, got engaged, had our wedding banquet, and finally, moved into our first home! 

I was so nervous yet excited to move into this next stage of life. There was just something about moving out of my family home that made me feel like I’m truly adulting!

cleaning service married life - keys to new home

Married life was awesome and is still great but sometimes, the realistic stuff like finance and housework get in the way of the relationship. I think it’s normal for some arguments to happen, especially when you’re moving in with someone else for the first time. 

Things that you previously didn’t have to worry about such as housework and cooking now become everyday concerns.

Our plan worked out fine in the first few months. I did the laundry, vacuumed, and changed the sheets. My husband mopped, washed the toilets, ironed the clothes, and did the dishes. But we only did the essential stuff so that our home didn’t look like a mess. We certainly didn’t wipe the windows, vacuum the carpet, nor clean the stove hob.

With Covid-19 and work-from-home arrangements, both my husband and I spent much more time at home. With that, the house became more dusty and messy. I found myself having to vacuum every 2 days, do the laundry more often, and even help with the dishes.

We were also working longer hours. It was quite tough to work, settle meals, take care of housework, and also find time to relax and enjoy married life. We were quibbling a lot more over the small things.

cleaning service married life working from home

By the start of 2021, I was getting quite burnt out and tired of feeling like I didn’t have enough time to do the things I wanted to do. So I started looking for part-time help options after weighing the pros and cons with my husband.

Sourcing for help

We decided to get a part-time helper to come by once a week to help with the chores. It made sense for us because we didn’t want and didn’t need a live-in helper, at least not at that point. We only needed help for the housework so it could buy us time to do what we wanted.

After researching, reading reviews, and asking around, no guesses for who we went with – Helpling. The booking process is fairly simple, similar to how you would book for a staycay. I received a booking confirmation soon after and was looking forward to my helper coming over. Not gonna lie, I felt so relieved.

cleaning service married life - cleaning tools

When my helper first arrived, it was a little bit awkward because we’ve never gotten a part-time helper before. She took the initiative to ask what she needed to do, where the tools were, and got to work immediately. 

She was so efficient and did so much in the 3 hours we engaged her for, more than what I myself could cover in the same duration. We were so satisfied. It felt great to be able to take a breather over the weekends in our clean home.

We stuck with her for all our sessions, but there were a few instances where she wasn’t able to make it because she wasn’t feeling well or because we needed to change the date of the clean. Helpling arranged replacements for each of these instances, and they were just as good.

Having that extra few hours a week made a whole lot of difference. We didn’t have to fret over our home looking like a huge mess. Instead, we spent more quality time together with each other, enjoying married life.

I think Helpling is a great option for young couples like me who don’t want a live-in helper but need help with the chores. It’s also a more cost-effective option since it costs much less than a live-in helper.

All I can say is, you need to try it for yourself to feel the difference. I’m so satisfied and if I may exaggerate, Helpling changed my married life, for the best! 

Helpling is the #1 home services provider in Singapore, highly rated 4.7 stars by over 1,600 satisfied customers on Google Review. From on-demand part-time help to aircon services, or specialised cleaning such as post-renovation or end-of-tenancy cleaning, you just have to contact Helpling and we’ll arrange it for you. No more getting quotes from different companies and managing your contractors.

Want to experience it for yourself? Try it today!

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