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The German Culture of Cleaning

Germany has a reputation for being clean. From the streets to their homes, the Germans take cleanliness very seriously.

Germany’s culture of cleanliness can be summed up by the German word Kehrwoche.
Kehrwoche is made up of “Kehr” from the verb kehrenI (to sweep) and “Woche” (week), directly translated into “Sweep week”

What is the meaning of Kehrwoche?

Kehrwoche alludes to a cleaning week for those that live in communal apartment blocks. Different cleaning tasks such as mowing the lawn, sweeping, wiping the windows, etc. are done regularly, where each resident takes turns doing common chores.

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This unspoken rule of cleaning up after yourself as well as maintaining the cleanliness for others. Seeing how cleaning is a communal effort and interwoven in their culture, it is no surprise that Germany is a country famous for her cleanliness.

According to a survey, about 30% of Germans have “cleaning attacks”, or “Putzanfallen” when their house is not clean, which explains why they do not like to put off housework to another day

They make housecleaning a priority.

Additionally, their culture of organisation and order makes cleaning almost second nature to them as many of them even enjoy cleaning and feel a strong sense of satisfaction after they’ve achieved a “sparkling’ home.

Modern integration

While the culture for cleanliness is still strong, it cannot be denied that cleaning can sometimes be time-consuming and not everyone has the luxury of time.

Welcome to Helpling, the modern solution to modern housekeeping!

The creators of Helpling strongly believe in the German culture of cleaning. But they also believe that booking help for your home should be easy. In a few clicks, you can book a trusted local cleaner .

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Founded in Germany, the online service drastically expanded their doors within two months to Austria, France, Sweden and the Netherlands

Today Helpling is available in more than 150 cities and is the most widely-available platform for home cleaning.

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