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5 space saving hacks that will allow you to pack your whole wardrobe

While we are so ready to just grab our bags and leave for our much awaited vacation, most of us are guilty of leaving our packing only until the very last minute. Last minute packing, also known as panic packing, is the worst kind of packing that involves scrambling to toss anything you can think of in a suitcase and stumbling out the door just in time for your flight. It’s disorganized, messy and results in packing something that you do not need or even forgetting the essentials! Last-minute panic packers, rejoice! Helpling, the leading online marketplace for home services in Singapore, has come up with five simple hacks to help you pack with ease so you can begin your trip on an exciting note, not one that involves chaos:

1. Make a list

planning your holiday

The first step only requires a pen and paper. This involves preparing a list of essential items you want to bring along. Group the items into different categories, and try to only include clothing and accessories that are deemed essential.
Before you start listing down, leave out items that can be purchased easily at a convenience store, such as toothpaste and shower gel, once you reach your destination, to avoid overpacking. This leaves you room for other items that you would have had to leave behind otherwise.

2. Packing and unpacking your suitcase

Leave the bulkiest items such as your jeans and pants, to the bottom of the suitcase, followed by your shirts and blouses. When packing the latter, don’t forget to button them up so as to avoid creases.
Store your underwear, socks and other loose items last, at the free corners of your suitcase, to maximise space. The corners are also a great storage for T-shirts. Here is a useful step by step guide we have created that explains how to fold any kind of clothes, even your socks!

guide to folding clothes

Once you have reached your final destination, empty your suitcase immediately or, at least, unpack the most delicate clothes (and those who are creased). Hang them in the bathroom and leave the hot water running and keep the door closed for about ten minutes. The steam will be eliminate the wrinkles without the help of an iron.

3. Bulky items: Shoes, space and odourpacking suitcase

What about bulky items such as your shoes, or even items that are impossible to roll up? We understand that your shoes especially, if “conserved” for several hours indoors, will stink up the whole suitcase, leaving a lingering stench to your clothes.

To avoid this problem, place your shoes in a storage bag before inserting them in the sides of the suitcase. This allows the sole of your shoes to keep a “safe” distance to your clothes and gives the shoes a chance to breathe.

4. A tip for personal hygiene

packing shower gel

Once your clothes and shoes have been packed, the last group of elements to be taken into account for are your beauty essentials and personal hygiene products.

To save space and have everything in order, simply purchase a beauty travel bag (even better if equipped with mini bottles , ready to be filled with face wash and shower gel.)

This allows you to reuse the same little bottles every time you travel, filling them with your favorite products.

5. Lastly: Choose the right suitcase!


The choice of your luggage has to take into account the destination of the trip (diving, backpacking, etc), and also the means of transport to reach the destination. A trolley luggage is highly recommended for those of you traveling by air, particularly the ones that are resistant to shocks .

Those traveling by car or by train, should opt for a rather large duffle bag. Thanks to its softness, it can be easily stored in the trunk of the car or in the compartment of the train.You may also consider bags that are equipped with casters as they can be manuveured with little effort between the tracks.

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