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Your handbag can be dirtier than your toilet seat!

According to a study, 33% of women admitted to never have cleaned their purse! It is no wonder why there can be be more bacteria on their bags than a toilet seat. As toilets are frequently seen as the dirtiest place in your house, you tend to pay more attention to their hygiene and clean them more often.

Just imagine where your handbag has been in just one day: desks, floors, bathrooms, chairs… Some of these are all dirty and contaminated places you will never think of touching, but your bag does! Now try to think of how many times you have actually cleaned it properly and imagine how much bacteria and germs your handbag could have been accumulated during the years.

Don’t worry, Roxanna Pelka, cleaning expert at Helpling, the leading online marketplace for household services in Singapore, unveils the hidden threats in your handbag and provides tips on how to keep it clean and away from germs!

4 Easy tips to keep your handbag clean

After all the facts about bacteria, you must be wondering how to prevent it, right? It’s easier than you think. Pay attention to the 4 simple hygiene tips below and decrease your chances for a contaminated handbag!

Clean your handbags

lint roller

To clean your handbags, firstly, wash your hands, then wipe the handbags with alcohol free wipes that can be easily found at any drugstore. From time to time, empty your purse and turn it upside down to get any dirt off, afterwards, use a brush or lint roller to grab the most resistant crumbs.

Be mindful of where you place your bag!

Avoid contaminating it by leaving it on the floor (specially bathroom floors!). When storing the bag, always place them in the dust bag that came with them or in a pillowcase to protect the bag and avoid cross contamination.

Always Wash your hands before touching your bags

hand hygiene

Pay extra attention to cleaning your hands before you grab things in your handbag, wash or disinfect your hands before touching the interior, specially so if you have just come from public places such like trains, buses and foodcourts.

Place baking soda sachets into your bag

baking soda

Finally, you can make baking soda sachets and keep in your handbag to get rid of any unpleasant odour.

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