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Find out what attracts this young Singaporean to working in the cleaning industry- Like this guy

Meet Huiheng, one of the youngest cleaners on the Helpling platform. Even though he has only been on the platform since April, he already has earned himself an average rating of 4.8 stars!

Straight after national service, the 24 years old Singaporean decided to look for flexible work, one that could accommodate his personal commitment. This was when he decided to sign up as a freelance cleaner on the Helpling platform. As compared to other jobs he was looking at, the flexibility and convenience of choosing where you wish to work at makes Helpling very attractive to people my age and people with a similar lifestyle. In addition, being able to work close to home meant that he could save a lot of time on travelling.

Despite his busy schedule, we had the pleasure of speaking with him to find out what attracted him to the Helpling platform.

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Since joining 8 months ago, Huiheng has not yet gotten a negative review from his customers. Most of his reviews describe him as a “dedicated”, “reliable” and “responsible” cleaner, one who is clearly passionate about his job. Speaking to Huiheng, it is easy to see why he is one of the favourites on the platform. Walking into the office with a big smile on his face, Huiheng made sure to greet everyone of us before making his way to the couch for an interview.

When asked about his family’s response when he decided to sign up as a cleaner, he mentioned that his family was very supportive as they found the business model interesting and also felt that most people lack good cleaning habits, leading to a messy house.

From the interview, It is clear that the support he has received from his family and customer contributed to his amazing 4.8 rating. A tip he wishes to share with other self-employed cleaners is to be experimental with different cleaning techniques, always look out for more efficient ways to complete a cleaning task.

Interested to be a cleaner like Huiheng? Find out how you can sign up as a Cleaner Partner on Helpling!

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