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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Daily Toilet Activities

Everyone does it, but nobody talks about it: Going to the toilet! It is no wonder why there are so many secrets surrounding our daily morning habits. Helpling, the leading marketplace for household services in Singapore,  breaks the silence on world toilet day on the 19th of November and lists down 10 surprising facts you didn’t know about your toilet.

Did you know…

…that the toilet isn’t the dirtiest area in your home?

While cleaning, we pay the most attention to our toilet and that’s why it is one of the cleanest parts of our home. In addition, the smooth and cold ceramic tiles prevents bacteria from surviving for a long time on it. In fact, the dirtiest part of your home is the kitchen sink, which contains up to 10.000 bacteria per square meters – 1.250 times more than on a toilet seat!

…that reading the newspaper isn’t the favourite hobby of Singaporeans on the toilet

mobile phone in the toilet

Noting that mobile phones are prime breeding grounds and carriers for germs and bacteria, it is interesting to know that 3 out of 4 Singaporeans like to use their smartphones to text or surf the net while killing time in the toilet. Some of them even take calls in the toilet! Now imagine the amount of bacteria or germs creeping around it!

…why bleach tablets don’t belong into your home toilet?

Bleach tablets mask bad odours and it works best at public toilets. At home, they are absolutely unnecessary: the ingredients found in it tends to roughen the porcelain surface of the toilet bowl, which will make the dirt stick even more! To get rid of bad odours, the one and only solution is: cleaning thoroughly and flushing after each use.

…what you are doing wrong while cleaning the toilet?

scrubbing toilet

Don’t clean the toilet bowl too gently, as most of us do: to get rid of deposits, you have to scrub the bowl with the toilet brush thoroughly, at all corners. To ease your work, soak the bowl for at least five minutes with toilet detergent, so that the tenacious dirt comes off on its own. Another big mistake we make: we forget to dry the toilet bowl after cleaning it from the outside. Why? Bacteria loves to spread on warm and sticky surfaces!  

…that men don’t wash their hands as frequently as women?

washing hands

Scientists of the London School of Hygiene noticed that only 32 percent of men washed their hands after using the toilet as compared to 62 women. However, washing your hands alone with water isn’t enough to get rid of the bacteria: Don’t forget to use soap and take all the time you need as it takes at least 20-30 seconds of washing your hands to bill of bacteria.

…why you should free your clogged toilet with Coke and Mentos?

Indeed – this biggest home cleaning myth produces the necessary pressure to solve the blockage but it also can damage the pipes and contaminate the whole bathroom. Best trick is to pour hot (not boiling!) water from 1 meter height. The energy made with the fall will solve the blockage immediately.

…how you can extend the lifespan of your toilet brush for months?

First thing: there is no determined lifespan of a toilet brush. But you should still change it every six months otherwise you might spread the bacteria with the used brush instead of scrubbing them away. Our top secret: fill the holder of your toilet brush with a mixture of water and toilet cleaner when not in use. This is also ensure your brush be totally clean for your next clean.

…why men spend much more time in the toilet than women?

A study revealed – contrary to what we think, women only spend a maximum of five minutes in the toilet as compared to 15 minutes for men! The reason is because most men think of the toilet as a safe haven. Due to this, one out of two men admit to bring extra reading materials into the toilet, such as newspaper or their mobile phone.

…which country requires you to pay $150 as punishment, if you don’t flush the toilet?

Singapore has the reputation of being the cleanest country in the world. Public toilets make no exception here. That’s why civil police makes random checks to see if the public toilets are flushed properly. With that being said, it is better to flush the toilet twice – just to be very sure.   

…why you should close the toilet lid while flushing?


Don’t put the lid down while flushing? Well, think twice as it’s disgusting! The toilet water has the ability to splash out of the toilet up to six meters and contaminate the whole bathroom. Ranging from tiles onto the floor and potentially reaching up to your toothbrush! So, remember to flush only with a closed toilet lid to keep your toothbrush out of the danger zone!

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