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5 tips to keep your trash smelling fresh

There is one thing in the kitchen that never fails to stench up the room. Did you guess what? It is your trash bin! And there is one problem that everyone seems to have an issue with and that is keeping the bin smelling fresh and pleasant! Your dustbin is often over-used but highly neglected!

Helpling has 5 useful tips to help keep your trash bin smelling great!

baking soda

1. Baking Soda
You can obviously bake with baking soda, but did you know that baking soda is a clear winner at fighting odor? Sprinkle a little baking soda into an empty trash bin, put in a new trash bag and you are set!


2. Cat litter
Like baking soda, cat litter are a simple and effective way to combat odors. Put some cat litter into your trash can, put in a garbage bag and you are done. The cat litter will absorb odors and suppress any bad smell. Remember to change the litter once they are moist!

3. Coffee beans
Coffee beans are another great solution to combat odors. Place a handful of coffee bean into a small bowl, put the bowl at the bottom of the bin and let the beans do the work. So easy, right?


4. Lemons
You use lemons as a great addition to your cooking but lemons are also a perfect way to mask unpleasant odors. Place some lemon skins at the bottom of the trash bin and you will have delicious-smelling garbage in no time!

5. Bleach
While the above tips are excellent ways to suppress odor, it is also wise to clean your garbage once in a while with bleach. Bleach not only remove unpleasant odors but also kills bacteria!

For more cleaning tips, click here Helpling!

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