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Home Caregiving Grant: Making Elderly Home Care Affordable (Up to $400 subsidy)

The Home Caregiving Grant can help make care for your loved ones more affordable. The Singapore government offers a Home Caregiving Grant to help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with caregiving.

Home Caregiving Grant (HCG)

As of March 2023, the Home Caregiving Grant has been enhanced by the government to better help Singaporean families requiring assistance for care-related expenses.

The Home Caregiving Grant provides families with a monthly payout of $250 or $400 in cash to Singaporeans who provide care for their loved ones requiring assisted daily living with moderate to severe disabilities.


Household Monthly Income per person Previous HCG monthly payout Enhanced HCG monthly payout (from March 2023)
$0 – $1200 (or Annual Value of Residence* ≤ $13,000 for households without income) $200 $400*
$1201 – $2800 $250

*If you own multiple properties, you will receive the lower tier of $250 per month.

*The Annual Value of your Residence in 2022 will be used to determine your eligibility for social support schemes such as HCG in 2023.


Where can I use my Home Caregiving Grant?

Eligible candidates for the Home Caregiving Grant commonly use the subsidy for the following services:

  • Home Care
  • Home Nursing Procedures
  • Home Therapy Sessions
  • Hiring a Foreign Domestic Worker
  • Specialized Care


To be eligible for the grant, the care recipient must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident with a parent, child, or spouse who is Singaporean
  • Lives in Singapore
  • Requires assistance with at least 3 of 6 Activities of Daily Living:Home Caregiving Grant Activities of Daily Living
  • Means Tested
    • Household monthly income is $2800 or less or
    • Annual value of property for household without income is $13,000 or less
  • Not currently a resident in a long-term care institution (e.g. nursing home)

How to apply

Step 1: Undergo disability assessment 

Step 2:
Login to AIC’s eService portal (eFASS) with your Singpass.

We strongly encourage you to apply online as there is a shorter waiting time for application approval. If you are unable to submit your application using eFASS, please email us at or walk in to any of our AIC links to request for a hardcopy application form.

If you are applying on behalf of someone who lacks mental capacity, please read the Additional Guidance.

Please ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your application.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once AIC has received your application, you will receive results of via mail to your registered address. The processing time can take up to a month due to the high volume of families applying for it. When successful, you can receive a monthly payout of $250 or $400 in your bank account, so long as the care recipient of the grant remains eligible.

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