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How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My Home?

Even though many of the varieties of ants that frequent our homes in Singapore are harmless, we still do our best to get rid of ants in our living space. They’re pesky and quite frankly, ant-noying! Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

If you’re having a tough time with ants at home, these are some natural ant repellents that you can try out. And better yet, you probably already have many of the items at home.

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Get rid of ants at home

Essential oils

get rid of ants

Tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lemon eucalyptus oil are all effective deterrents that work to repel not only ants, but various other pests as well.

  • Tea tree oil or peppermint oil: Mix about 10 drops of the oil with 2 cups of water in a clean spray bottle and spray the mixture around where you typically see ants. Repeat as needed.
  • Lemon eucalyptus oil: Soak some cotton balls with the undiluted oil and place them in an area where you usually see ants. Replace with freshly soaked cotton balls when they have dried out.

An added plus is that these oils have a wonderful fragrance and double up as natural room freshener.


get rid of ants

Lemons have deodorising properties, which is the perfect solution for you if you keep noticing ants around your food. Place a dry lemon rind in your food cabinets and they’ll perfectly mask the smell of food, keeping ants away from your pantry or kitchen.

Coffee grounds

get rid of ants

Freshly brewed coffee grounds can also repel ants from your living space. As they can get messy, you’ll first want to sprinkle the freshly brewed coffee grounds on a disposable surface (such as index cards or cardboard).
Then, leave them in areas where you usually notice ants, such as around pet bowls or the windowsill. You will need to replace this once the grounds dry up as they are more effective when wet.

White Vinegar

get rid of ants

Create a mixture of 1 part water 1 part vinegar to clean hard surfaces where ants are likely to travel, including floors and countertops. You can use it either to spray or wipe the surfaces. This water-vinegar mixture also doubles up as a great multipurpose cleaner!

Vinegar can have quite a pungent scent, but it won’t linger around. Ants, however, can still smell it when it dries, making it effective.

Get rid of ants at home

Since prevention is better than cure, it’s always good to stop ant infestations before they even happen. Here are some bonus tips to prevent them from coming into your house altogether.

  • Check your houseplants regularly for any signs of an ant or pest infestation
  • Seal off all your food sources properly and clean up any food spillage around the house immediately
  • Check for any possible ant entrances your home might have and seal them up – they commonly enter through cracks in the walls, between your windows or under your doors
  • Clean your house regularly to keep your home spick and span and deter pests

We get that it can be difficult to completely get rid of an infestation that has spiralled out of hand without proper know-how – you might just want to opt to call in a pest control service to help you deal with the infestation.
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