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6 Clever Cleaning Hacks With Products You Already Have At Home

With so many choices in the market, shopping for cleaning products can sometimes feel like more of a chore than cleaning itself. But did you know you can clean the house with products you already have at home? With these nifty cleaning hacks, you’ll have a sparkling clean house in no time!

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Cleaning hacks with products you already have

1. Clean your glass surfaces with black tea

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Tea is not just for drinking! It has a high acidity and can also be used to clean glass surfaces. To do this, simply brew a pot of black tea and let it cool. Once it’s cooled, dip a clean cloth into the tea and use it to wipe down glass surfaces like windows. The tannic acid in the tea will remove any dirt or grime, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

2. Quickly clean your fan blades with a pillowcase

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Ceiling fan looking a bit dusty? All you need to fix this is an old pillowcase. Just put the pillowcase over each blade and gently wipe it down. The dust will collect in the fabric, making cleaning quick and mess-free.

3. Scuffed up plates? Get them sparkling with cream of tartar

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Cream of tartar is a common baking ingredient, but it can also be used to clean scuff marks on your plates. Simply mix cream of tartar with water to form a paste and use it to scrub away any scuff marks. Rinse the plates off with warm water and they’ll look good as new!

4. Keep your toilet clean with just a mask and bar of soap

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It might sound ridiculous, but it’s actually a pretty simple cleaning hack that has gone viral on TikTok. Just cut the ends off one side of your surgical mask and place your bar soap inside. Secure the opening with the elastic ear loop you cut off.

Then, hang the soap-mask-satchel in the tank of the toilet bowl. Voila! Your toilet bowl will get a soapy rinse every time you flush.

5. Deodorise your fridge with some coffee grounds

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With its abrasive and deodorising qualities, coffee grounds are extremely versatile cleaning agents.

To use it as a deodorant, place some coffee grounds in your fridge and change them out every 2 weeks. If you’ve got a pungent smelling fridge, you’ll want to try this cleaning hack – it doesn’t even require any active cleaning!

6. Scrub off oven grime with baking soda

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Baking soda is a multi-purpose cleaning agent. We’re sure you’ve heard of multiple hacks for the home involving the use of baking soda.

Mix some baking soda with white vinegar to form a paste and spray the inside of your oven. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wipe away the grime. Now your oven’s sparkling clean!

Cleaning hacks with products you already have

With these cleaning hacks, you’ll have a clean house in no time – without even having to leave the house to buy anything! The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by cleaning, remember these simple hacks and give them a try. You might just be able to incorporate them in your daily cleaning routine!

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