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Meet Vel, Father of 2, Construction Manager & Cleaning Partner at Helpling

Our cleaning partners: Velmurugan 

At Helpling, we work hard to make sure that customers experience happy homes. A huge part of our work is in building up a large group of qualified cleaning partners and to provide the cleaning that their customers want.

Our cleaning partners come from diverse backgrounds. Many come from underprivileged backgrounds; but many others too look to Helpling as a great source of additional income. No matter their motivations, at Helpling, we ensure that our cleaning partners have the right experience and support.

One of our cleaning partners is Velmurugan or Vel as his friends call him. Today, he shares his experience on what it’s like to work with Helpling.

Q: Hello Vel! Tell us more about yourself.

A: Hi, my name is Vel. During the week, I work as a Project Manager for a construction company. I am married with two children.

Q: How did you come across Helpling and why did you decide to work with us?

A: I was looking for interesting things to do on weekends and came across Helpling ads on an online forum. I thought that the flexibility and rates were very attractive. The registration and evaluation were also very professional! I had some cleaning experience already previously, so I thought it would be a good way to make some extra income without neglecting my wife and kids..

Q: Was our family supportive of your choice?

A: As a Singaporean, I know that many people have some views about cleaning work. Home cleaning is very different, as people trust you with their most precious things – their own home. Plus, the rates are great and the support from the company is excellent, compared to companies offering other types of part-time work. I do not see a reason to be embarrassed about taking up this job. Moreover, my family has seen how contented I am and they are totally supportive of my decision to work with Helpling.

Q: What do you like about Helpling?

A: Helpling is very different from other similar companies. Their staff are professional and give me a lot of support.They also have high standards, so they will provide me with customer feedback and suggestions on how to do things better the next time. Their Customer Care is the best. Not only are they responsive, but they also treat me like a family here.

Q: What do you like about your work?

A: I am a very friendly person and I enjoy meeting new people. Initially, some customers will be surprised that a man would come clean their home. But once they see what I can do, they have no problems. I have about 10 customers now and interacting with them is nice. I also like the sense of achievement when I complete a job and customers give me compliments.

Q: You have received good reviews from customers, and your current rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Do you have any tips for our readers?

A: It is important to understand what the customer wants, and display good attitude. Cleaning hygiene is very important. Always segregate cloths used for cleaning different parts of the house. Customers see this and understand the thought put into it.

Need a home cleaning? Book Vel or other cleaning partners on Helpling today!

Interested in joining Helpling cleaners team? Visit our cleaning jobs page.

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