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7 Best Holiday Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Staying Safe At Home

There are so many things you can do during the holidays – attractions to visit, cafes to eat at, or places to play and have fun. But staying at home can be just as fun too! Here are some of the best holiday activities that you can plan for your kids to keep them entertained while staying at home.

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1. Try a kid-friendly recipe

mother and daughter baking

Cooking with kids normally results in a hot mess. But since it’s the holidays and you’re spending lots of time at home, try a kid-friendly recipe with your child and then savour the end product together.

You don’t have to let them do everything from scratch; you can prepare the ingredients first, then have them do the simpler tasks like combining and mixing ingredients or assembling the final product. If you need some ideas, Fairprice has a Cook With Your Kids section on their website where they share kid-friendly recipes.

Besides being a good bonding activity, cooking can help your child develop language skills as they learn new vocabulary, enhance their fine motor skills, and increase their focus and attention.

2. Make your own slime

diy slime

Slime-making is an easy and entertaining holiday activity to keep your kids occupied. It only requires 4 materials – Elmer’s colour glue, Elmer’s magical liquid, a measuring cup, and glitter powder. These materials are relatively easy to get. They can be found at Popular bookstores, for example.

Besides being a fun activity, DIY slime-making helps your child practice strength, fine motor control, and dexterity. You can leave your child to entertain themselves with the slime when you have to run to the bathroom or cook meals and can’t entertain them. Here’s an easy guide on how to make slime.

3. Try a cool science experiment

father and son doing a science experiment

Some simple yet cool experiments are the magic milk experiment, the water walking experiment, and the shaving cream water cycle experiment. These experiments only require a few materials that you may already have at home but they are cool and impactful.

Trying science experiments are not only fun, they are also educational. Your kids can learn about the water cycle, chemical reactions, and other science concepts.

If you’re more adventurous, you can also try making ice cream in a bag. Besides learning about the different states of matter and how they change from one state to another, your kids get an ice cream treat that they’ve made on their own from scratch.

4. Make a terrarium


Terrariums are nice to look at, easy to maintain, and also fun to make! While it does require some specific materials, they are not hard to find. If you don’t want to purchase the materials individually, you can get DIY terrarium kits from local businesses like The Green Capsule and refer to this tutorial video by Gardens By The Bay.

Because the steps are relatively simple, you can assemble a terrarium together with your kids. As they layer the materials and finish the terrarium, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You can also involve them in choosing figurines and decorating the terrarium.

The best part is that terrariums are easy to maintain, even if you don’t have green fingers. Display your terrarium in an airy, well-ventilated spot with diffused light and watch it grow over time.

5. Decorate your own mugs, bowls and plates

diy sharpie crockery
Image from A Piece of Rainbow

Unleash your kids’ creativity by getting them to decorate their own mugs, bowls and plates. It’s a good way for them to get involved in creating something of their own. Thereafter, you can use this method to identify which items belong to who and they can always use their own set of crockery.

Since your kids have painstakingly decorated their own set of crockery, they would take better care of these items. You can take the chance to teach them about responsibility – getting them to put away their used crockery in the sink, for example.

All you need are some Sharpie markers and a sealer suitable for ceramic crockery. Let your crockery dry for 1-2 days before applying a few layers of the sealer, after each layer dries. Ta-dah! Your very own personalised mug, bowl, or plate!

6. Have an indoor picnic

indoor picnic

It might not be the best decision to have a picnic in the park right now but nothing’s stopping you from having an indoor picnic at home! Grab some of your favourite snacks and a book or two and enjoy quality time with your kids.

An indoor picnic doesn’t have to be any less fun than an outdoor picnic. In fact, you won’t have to worry about the weather. You can enjoy yourselves whether rain or shine.

7. Make a tie-dye shirt

diy tie dye shirt

Making a tie-dye shirt is another holiday activity that will reward your kids with an end product that they can actually use. Although it looks intimidating and messy, making your own tie-dye shirt isn’t that hard. Just remember to prepare some pails, gloves, and aprons.

Experiment with the folds and designs and look forward to the final product when you finally cut the rubber bands and open the shirt.

Now is the best time to engage in some of these fun holiday activities with your kids. Besides spending quality time together, you also get to create special memories and personalised items.

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