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5 Apps to Tackle Blue Monday and the New Year Slump

The January blues is something we all suffer from every now and again. And some days even more so than others. Most of us have probably heard of Blue Monday by now – apparently the most depressing day of the year.

This miserable day falls on the third Monday of January every year. This year, the honour of Blue Monday went to 16th January 2017. The jury is out on whether this really is the worst day of all, but there’s no denying it: January isn’t exactly the happiest time of year.

Originally created in 2005 using a very scientific-looking equation, factors making Blue Monday supposedly so blue include debt, weather, and motivation levels.

Blue Monday calculation

W=weather, D=debt levels, d= salary, T=time since Christmas, Q=time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, M=low motivational levels, and Na=feeling a need to take action.

Whether Blue Monday is really as gloomy as they say or not, most of us feel a dose of the January downers. So we’ve put together a list of apps that can help you take on all those things that make this time of year so gloomy, and help lift you out of that New Year slump.

Problem: Debt
Solution: Create a budget
App: Goodbudget

Sort out your money situation after all that festive splurging. Goodbudget helps you plan your spending using an envelope system. Bookmark money for the necessities in separate envelopes at the beginning of the month – rent money, bills, etc. You can also set up a savings envelope to make sure you put money aside for the good things in life. Say goodbye to overspending and hello to an organised and healthy bank account.

Download Goodbudget for Android or iOS

Cheapflights flight finder app

Problem: Weather
Solution: A holiday
App: Cheapflights

Having saved up a storm, you’ll quickly have enough cash set aside for a break from your everyday routine. But with budgeting in mind, you’ll want to book your getaway as cheaply as possible. Cheapflights makes it easy for you to find the lowest cost flights possible. All fees are shown upfront so you can easily compare final prices in one place. Escape the slump and find yourself some January adventures on the cheap.

Download Cheapflights for Android or iOS

Problem: Low motivation
Solution: Track your goals
App: Beeminder

January isn’t exactly the best time for motivation levels. Finding the energy to get out of bed every day is hard enough, let finding the strength to work towards your goals. But Beeminder could give you the kick up the rear you need to achieve amazing things during this time of year. The app sends you reminders so that you keep up with your aims. Go off track and the app stings – by taking your money. Motivation level: expert.

Download Beeminder for Android or iOS

Rake job search app

Problem: Salary
Solution: Find a better job
App: Rake

Many of us are dissatisfied with the amount of money that pops into our bank account at the end of the month. Take control of the situation by finding yourself a better-paid gig. Rake makes the process of getting that new job you’ve been dreaming of as simple as possible. Save positions you find on job boards, set to-do lists for the documents you need to work on, and best of all, track the jobs you’ve applied for. All in one place. Make your job search easier and get that pay rise in no time.

Download Rake for iOS

Problem: Failed New Year’s resolutions
Solution: Outsource your resolutions
App: Helpling

We all make New Year’s resolutions. But do we keep them? Of course not. Keeping our space clean and tidy is one of the most common resolutions (“I will clean my desk once a week, and I will finally clean out the fridge!” sound familiar?). Yet by mid-January your desk is covered in coffee stains and you still haven’t thrown away that questionable jar in the fridge. But this can be remedied very simply. Helpling lets you book a trusted cleaning service in just a few clicks through the app. All cleaners are background-checked and all payments are secure and cashless. Stick to your resolution with a little clever outsourcing.

Download Helpling for Android or iOS

And finally, the problem of that feeling that we need to take action. But when you’ve got apps like these at your fingertips, taking action only takes a few clicks.

So get tackling Blue Monday, the New Year slump, or just that gloomy January feeling – with a little help from your smartphone.

And it’ll be March before you know it…


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