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Full-time Financial Adviser & Highly Rated Cleaning Partner Becomes The First to Clean 500 Homes

“Our Cleaning Partners” series continues with Richard Ong, who has been with Helpling Singapore since April 2015. With a rating close to 5 stars, he is the first cleaning partner to have cleaned an impressive number of 500 homes! Despite being 50 years old, he has proven that age is not an issue. Find out more about our cleaner of the month here!

Q. Hi Richard – what made you join Helpling?

As I work in a Finance industry, my work hours are very flexible. Hence, I decided to look for a part-time job where I could make additional money while still able to manage my schedule when I am not working in my full-time job. I chanced upon an article about a part-time cleaning job in Helpling and was curious to find out more about the job. After learning about the level of flexibility and the attractive wage of $16/hr, I thought to myself that it was exactly the type of work to complement my full-time job.

Q. What did your family say when you decided to join Helpling?

They were initially very surprised with my decision as most Singaporeans have the mindset that cleaning jobs is mainly done by senior citizens or foreign workers. However, when they got to learn that a full-time cleaning partner could make up to $3,000 and that I had the choice to pick the houses I wanted to clean, they decided that it was not a bad job afterall.

Q. With a 4.7 Star rating, what do you think is the main contributor to this?

I make sure that I try my hardest for every single cleaning job I am assigned to. I always make it a point to stay dedicated to every single job. Not only that, I always ensure that the whole house is thoroughly cleaned before leaving my clients’ homes.

Also, if more time is needed to get the whole house cleaned, I will stay on till I get the job done well.  

Q. How do you provide your customers with the best service you can?

Firstly, I think that even though cleaning might not be thought as highly as other jobs, but in whatever situation I am in, I try my best to be as professional as I can. With that being said, the first impression always matters.  I make it a point to show up on time for every job. Also, before each cleaning job, especially for those new to the platform, I try to find out what my customers want me to focus on- listening is key to customer satisfaction!

Lastly, I always learn from the needs of my customers and apply similar techniques/products with other customers if they prove to be time saving and efficient.  

Q. Can you share with us a few cleaning tips you learnt along the way?

Generally I bring along my own cleaning rags and product to clean clients houses, however, if the client requests that I use theirs, then I would.

I normally start working on areas that take a longer time to finish and are of top priority before working my way to other sections that require less cleaning efforts

Q. Describe your best experience working with Helpling.

I was very surprised when I received a call from Helpling’s Operation Manager to make a trip down to the Helpling office and be awarded with a voucher and personalised t-shirt. To be the first cleaning partner able to clean 500 houses in 10 months is a sense of accomplishment, not only that, to be one of the top rated cleaners is not too bad after all!

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