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3 Common Pests Found During The Rainy Season And How To Prevent Them

During the rainy or monsoon season when there are thundery showers and gusty winds, pests are out and about looking for new homes as it’s likely that their homes have been destroyed. Look out especially for these common pests so you don’t end up with an infestation and require pest control.

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Common pests at home


Do you spot little creatures when you’re decluttering your bookshelf and flipping through old books? Those are most likely silverfish. Although they are not a common complaint of Singaporean households, they are more common than we think. They especially love paper and can be found in moist areas of the home eg. the bathroom, kitchen. 

To prevent them, get rid of stacks of old paper or books. If you have a bookshelf full of books, don’t keep it near the kitchen or somewhere with lots of moisture.


Ants are commonly found around the home but you might see them more during the rainy season. The extreme weather destroys their nests and resources and so they look for dry ground and food in your homes.

Tie up your trash and dispose of them at the end of the day. If you leave them exposed overnight, you might get a shock in the morning when you see an entire army of ants. You’ll be surprised how much they can carry.


Like ants, cockroaches also enter your home during the rainy season in search of food and shelter. They are especially attracted to unclean and dark areas like in your trash, cupboards or even panelled ceilings.

Throw your trash, wash your dishes, and try to keep everything as clean as possible. 

Common pests during the rainy season

Now you know that these are common pests that appear during the rainy season, look out for them and do the necessary to prevent them from staying in your home. If you overlook them, it could quickly turn into an infestation. At that point, you probably wouldn’t be able to deal with it yourself.

You would likely have to call in a pest control company to help you deal with the infestation. With Helpling, it’s easy to book a pest control service directly via the app in 2 minutes. Book your first session here and enjoy $10 off your pest control service!

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