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New App Empowers Independent Cleaners To Run Their Business Anywhere, Anytime

Helpling works with thousands of independent cleaners worldwide. As a online marketplace, we wish to facilitate the relationship between cleaners and their clients as best as possible, from day one. In order to achieve this, we’ve created the ultimate tool for all the cleaners who use our platform to source and manage jobs.

We realised that there were always inherent challenges present when working as a self-employed cleaner. This is especially true when one has little time to spend on growing their client base, managing invoices, taking care of logistics and planning time effectively, which can stand in the way of running a micro business with maximum efficiency. This, amongst other reasons, is exactly why we, at Helpling, have created our new mobile app for cleaners.

Here are some of the fantastic features available:

Optimizing time

Managing an online business whilst on the move would have been extremely difficult to manage – impossible in some cases. Now, with our app for independant cleaners, this is no longer an issue. It allows these freelance cleaners to manage their businesses from anywhere (provided they have mobile data!), saving time on administrative tasks that could cost them an extra job per day!

Simplified client information

helpling partner app

It’s one thing getting a new client, but then when you consider looking up their addresses, contact details and jotting down any special requests (while flitting back and forth between existing clients), things start to become slightly more complicated. This is why the new Helpling partner app features compact client information for cleaners to swiftly have all of their client information in one easy-to-consume view.

Integrated Calendar

helpling partner app

Sure, classic pocket calendars or even smartphone calendars are extremely useful. But it is not a common occurrence to forget to reschedule the odd appointment, or simply forget to write it down? When this could cost you a client, the gravity of a well-maintained calendar is clear. This is why it is one of the key integrated features on our new app. Not only does it update automatically based on a activity, it is also fully integrated with the online profile that the cleaners who work through our platform have access to.

Invoice management

helpling partner app

Paperwork is an issue for all: it can get overwhelming, be an unnecessary cost and is not very environmentally friendly. Not only is this no longer an issue, it can also be done on the train on the way to the next job, during a coffee break, anywhere really. Of course, all invoices are available for the clients of each cleaner too – ensuring complete transparency, and no miscalculations between parties.

This application has the intent of revolutionising how independant cleaners run their micro businesses, giving them the ability to be more prosperous and build up an even better client base. All at the touch of a button!

The Helpling Partner app is now available on both iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Click here to find out more about the cleaning partners at Helpling.

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