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How To Keep Your Room Cool Without Using The Aircon

Aircon – it’s a big deal in Singapore. Anyone staying here can attest to the terribly hot days and nights we’ve experienced recently. During this time, air conditioning has been a huge saving grace for many of us. However, constantly leaving your aircon on does have its pitfalls. 

It isn’t the most eco-friendly option, and at the same time, electricity tariffs have been going up and are expected to rise in the next quarter as well. With Singapore’s erratic weather, you never know when it’s going to be a super hot day or night. 

Here are some tips to get through the hottest of days and keep your space cool without turning on your aircon.

Keep your room cool 

Open the windows and doors at night

Keeping your windows and doors open at night can allow a cool night breeze to enter your home through your window and create a cross-breeze to circulate throughout your room. It also decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in your room, leading to a better quality of sleep. 

Switch to LED lightbulbs

Did you know that LED lightbulbs don’t emanate heat like normal (incandescent) light bulbs and are more energy efficient? 

LED emits light directionally instead of 360 degrees like an incandescent bulb. This saves energy because it is focused on a certain degree instead of creating more energy for the entire 360 degrees of the room.

Take a cool shower

Despite the sweltering heat, many of us feel more comfortable taking warm showers. However, taking cold showers can help you to lower your body temperature. It definitely takes a little getting used to, and might not be the most pleasant thing to experience, but one day you’ll enjoy taking a cool shower on a hot day. 

Buy mattresses and pillows with cooling properties

Materials like Tencel and cotton are ideal for your mattresses and pillows as they are cooling and breathable. While they may come with a heftier price tag, they are also more durable, making them a wise investment for a good night’s sleep!

Change the rotation of your ceiling fans to create a breeze.

If it gets warm even when your fan is turned on, it might be rotating clockwise. When the fan rotates clockwise, it pushes hot air down, making it even hotter. To solve this issue, you can try changing its settings to rotate counter clockwise. 

Fans are generally equipped with a direction switch on the side that needs to be flipped in order to change the direction it rotates. If you don’t see one, consult the manual for your fan.

Choose an energy-efficient aircon if you need to have it on

If you really need to use the aircon, choose an energy-efficient one. Some things to consider in doing so would be the size of the aircon, temperature settings, and of course, any energy saving certifications it has. It’s important that you service it regularly as well so it doesn’t use more energy than it should and can function optimally for longer.

Keep cool and save money

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