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7 Moving Tips To Keep In Mind To Ensure You Have A Smooth Moving Day

You’ve signed the papers. It’s official. You’re moving to a new place soon!

The excitement of moving to a new place is real but the exhaustion and anxiety of moving are real-er. From packing to moving to unpacking, there are so many things that you have to settle. Take a deep breath and calm down. Here are 7 moving tips to keep in mind for a smooth moving day.

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House-moving tips

1. Start by decluttering

Before moving, spend some time decluttering and sorting out old or unwanted items. This can be a long process depending on how much stuff you have so it’s good to start early. Decluttering first makes subsequent packing easier and quicker because you won’t have to pack (and unpack) things that you don’t want anymore.

Rather than just tossing out everything you don’t want, see whether you can recycle, sell, or donate them if they’re in good condition. You might just be able to help someone in need.

For the items that you’ve decided to keep, categorise them according to which room they will be stored in at your new place. For instance, winter or travel clothing would belong in the storeroom while books will be stored in the study. It’ll be easier to pack them into your boxes later on.

2. Source for a couple of moving companies

After you have decluttered, you’ll have a better idea of how much stuff you have to move. It is wise to then source for a couple of professional moving companies and get quotations. 

Different companies would have different packages and add-on services available. Make sure you confirm with the moving company if they offer complimentary boxes, wrapping/packing materials, disposal of unwanted items, packing/unpacking services, or insurance coverage.

If you’re looking for quotes from multiple moving companies, check out Haulmate. You can get free moving quotes from some of the best moving companies in Singapore through their website. Simply fill in some details about your properties and request for a quote.

You will receive quotes from all the moving partners on their platform within a day. Don’t spend your time on Google searching for and sending out multiple messages to different contractors. Make your move on Haulmate.

3. Get boxes for packing

To pack all your items for your move, you’ll need boxes. The most common type of boxes used for moving is cardboard boxes. But you can also consider plastic boxes that are more sturdy and waterproof for important items such as documents and electronics.

If your moving company doesn’t provide complimentary boxes and other wrapping/packing materials, you’ll have to get your own. Where to get them? How many boxes do you need? Do you need any other items? So many questions.

Haulmate is your answer. You can get boxes and other necessary materials such as tape and markers from them as well. They have catered different packages for different property types.

For instance, a 4 bedroom property package for moving boxes would include 85 boxes of different sizes, packing paper, tape, a marker and a cutter. All the items will be delivered to you (for free!) within 3-5 working days. Easy. 

If you don’t know how many boxes you need, check out this guide on moving boxes by Haulmate.

4. Start packing early

Even if you’ve already done a round of decluttering before the actual packing, it pays to start packing early. This is probably one of the most common moving tips you’ll hear.

Items that will be stored in the same room at your new place should be packed together and labelled clearly. Start by packing items that you won’t need before the move, so you won’t end up having to open up your packed boxes and reseal them.

It’s advisable to fill boxes to the brim as they are stacked during the moving process. If you leave them half-filled, they might collapse when a heavier box is stacked on top.

You can also make use of your luggage and fill them with items instead of transporting them empty. If you can, move valuables such as expensive or important jewellery yourself. Although most moving companies include some sort of insurance, it might not be sufficient to cover any loss or damage during the move.

Leave everyday items to the last so that they can be unloaded first when you’re at your new place.

5. Arrange for a deep cleaning session

The last thing you want to do is move in to a new place that’s full of dust and one that doesn’t feel or look new at all. It’s also not nice to hand over an apartment that’s dirty. For rental properties, your landlord can even withhold or forfeit your rental deposit because you didn’t clean the house properly! 

Amidst all the packing and moving, you might not have extra time or energy to do a thorough cleaning of your properties yourself. That’s why you should arrange for a deep cleaning session.

A thorough deep cleaning session is more detailed and intensive than a general clean. It will help to get rid of the dust and dirt, especially in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

In case you didn’t know, Helpling provides deep cleaning services as well, on top of our usual general home cleaning services. If you engage our deep cleaning services, we’ll send a team of experienced cleaners and they will be done in 2-3 hours, depending on the size of your flat.

Our deep cleaning rates are charged based on the square feet of your apartment, not by duration. This means that you won’t have to worry about cleaners rushing through the cleaning and not doing a good job. You will be able to check through the premises before our team leaves as well.

For more information and a special promo just for our blog readers, check out our guide on move-out cleaning here.

6. Prepare a “moving day” bag

Possibly one of the most underrated moving tips out there. This “moving day” bag will store the things that you need before you get to unpack all your other stuff after moving. 

Here are some of the things you should pack in your moving day bag:

  • At least 1 set of fresh clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Chargers
  • Important documents for the move
  • Keys

You might not have the time or energy to unpack immediately after you move, so bringing along a fresh set of clothes and toiletries will ensure that you can at least have a good night’s rest at your new place.

Making sure you have your keys is a no-brainer but in the midst of all the packing and moving chaos, you might miss it out or forget where they’re kept. Having a moving day bag will make sure the things you need are on hand when you need them.

7. Confirm the date of your move

The last step is to confirm the date of your move. Double and triple confirm this with your moving company so that there aren’t any hiccups. 

Another important thing to remember, especially if you’re moving to a condominium, is to make sure you’ve gotten permission to move on that particular day. Some properties might require a moving form or only allow moving on weekdays. You don’t want to end up stranded outside your condominium and have to move everything back to your old place.

The majority of your stuff should already be packed before moving day. But there’ll be some last minute items such as toiletries or perishables so remember to do a quick check throughout the house before you leave. Empty out the fridge because you don’t want food to go bad in there once the power’s cut.

House-moving tips before moving day

With all these tips in mind, you should be all set for a smooth moving day. 

We know how stressful and exhausting moving can be. To save you hours, Haulmate recently launched in Singapore and allows you to organise your entire move from one easy-to-use platform.

You can get moving quotes, purchase moving boxes, and book cleaning services all in one place.

This is a much better alternative than spending hours searching on Google for trusted moving service providers. You’ll have more time for packing and enjoying the moving process.

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