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Cleaning Products Every Home Needs

When undergoing deep cleaning such as End of Tenancy Cleaning, you can be sure that water alone won’t do much. You will need the right cleaning solutions for different uses. We have included our recommendations to help you get started.

1. All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is an essential cleaning product to own. They take care of grease, dirt, and stains, and most don’t require much more than a spray and a wipe.

Our recommendation : Biohome Multi surface cleaner, $3.95

vacuum cleaner

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2. Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaners are specially formulated for glass surfaces like windows and tables- great for an effective clean without leaving behind streaks or smears.

Our recommendation : Bio-Home Lavender And Bergamot Glass Cleaner, $3.50

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3. Wood Cleaner

Wood cleaners, while specific- are still necessary, especially if you own wooden furniture. Since both all-purpose cleaning sprays and water can damage wood and varnish, this would be handy to have around the house.

Our recommendation : Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner, $14

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4. Antibacterial spray or wipes

Antibacterial cleaning products disinfect and sanitize to kill germs in your home. For germ-heavy spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, these wipes are easy to use and eliminate the problem of cleaning surfaces with a potentially contaminated towel.

Our recommendation : Dettol Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes, $4.75

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5. Tile Cleaner

The grime that collects on tiles, the rust from your shower head? Yeah, you know what we’re referring to. To solve this, we recommend a tile cleaner with bleach. A tip though, leave a window open when you use it to protect yourself from the fumes.

Our recommendation : Method Bathroom Cleaner – Eucalyptus Mint, $8.50

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6. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Nothing is worse than a dirty toilet. Use a bleach-based toilet bowl cleaner to get the job done! Get something slightly more viscous so it doesn’t just drip right into the water. Use along with your toilet brush to give the bowl a good scrub and you’re good to go.

Our recommendation : Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach, $7.65

vacuum cleaner

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Having these cleaning agents around your home will make it easier to clean up messes whenever necessary.

Now that you have the tools to get your house tidy, it’s time to put in some work to actually put your dream home together.

If you’re not one to clean, fear not- we come bearing solutions!

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