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While it is a great sign that more people are becoming more consious of their environmental impact and are choosing to switch to more eco-friendly products, we wonder if these products live up to the standards.Well, we did the work for you, looking through reviews and testing out ourselves, so that you don’t have to.
Here, we present to you our top picks that are not only affordable and effective, but most importantly adhere to environmental guidlines for the consious consumer.1. Method’s All-Purpose Cleaner, $7.90 (828ml)

Cleaning Products

The Method All-Purpose-Naturally Derived Surface Cleaner is a nontoxic product and family-friendly suitable for all ages. Their products are created with the intention to be environmentally safe, as such they have incorporated natural ingredients in their products. It is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. After use, no toxic residue is left to pollute your home or local waterways as you rinse your household ware.
The most attractive feature of this product is its transparency with their use of ingredients, explaining to the consumer what each ingredient does, and the potential effects.

  • an all-purpose product for all surfaces definitely comes in handy
  • A downside is that it contains rather strong fragrances, so those that are sensitive to smell may find that an issue
  • Other that that,it has good cleaning power with a gentle, biodegradable formulation, making it an indispensable product in a green household

Available on Shopee and Lazada

2. Bio Home Laundry Detergent, $11.90 (1.5l)

Bio Home Detergent

Homegrown in Singapore and founded by Lam Soon, heritage brand Bio Home is a range of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions made from biodegradable and renewable plant-based active ingredients.

When it comes to sustainability, they look beyond the ingredients as well. That’s right, we’re talking about packaging too!

The packaging is not just made of fully recyclable materials; the brand logo and shape of the bottle are also designed specially in line with their eco-friendly message.

With their non-toxic concentrates, bio-home laundry detergent takes it a step further to deliver effective washing results and restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

This can be achieved because their formula is :

  • pH neutral
  • non-toxic
  • bio-degradable
  • 100% plant-based active ingredients
  • usable for front and top washing machines

Available on Lazada and NTUC Fairprice outlets

3. IDOCARE Eucalyptus Garden Concentrated Floor Cleaner, $11.90 (5l)

Bio Home Detergent

The IDOCARE Concentrated Floor Cleaner is solely made to keep your floors spotless. Neither toxic nor sticky, this quick-drying floor cleaner gives a good wash, leaving surfaces fresh and spotless

IDOCARE is committed to producing a line of environmentally-conscious products that allow people to live a greener and healthier lifestyle, without the need to compromise.

Additionally, their website focuses on educating the consumer about the different types of ingredients found in cleaning products.

The best things about IDOCARE cleaner that makes it our favourite pick :

  • Safe to be used around babies
  • Non-toxic to the skin and environmentally-safe
  • Bio-degradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for all floor surfaces

Available on Lazada and Idocare’s website

4. Ecover Zero Washing Up liquid, $6.50 (450ml)

Ecover washing up liquid

Washing dishes can be therapeutic for some, but a nightmare for others. Many dishwashing liquids tend to strip the skin and we end up with dehydrated, wrinkled hands. For those suffering from sensitive skin, this can be a painful situation

Thankfully, Ecover Zero Washing-Up Liquid is an allergy-approved dish liquid that protects your hands when doing the dishes.

Despite being sensitive to skin, it is still strong on the grease and keeps all your plates sparkling clean.

Here are some notable factors that makes Ecover Zero Washing-up Liquid one of the best cleaning products :

  • 0% fragrance & 0% colouring
  • Uses renewable plant-based, biodegradable ingredients that erase dirt and stains
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Allergy approved by Allergy UK
  • Not tested on animals

Available on Amazon, Shopee, Lazada and NTUC Fairprice outlets

5. Ecoegg Laundry Egg, $17.70 (210 washes)

Eco Egg Laundry

The ecoegg Laundry Egg is a unique and innovative laundry washing system that cleans clothes using two types of natural mineral pellets encased in a recyclable egg.

The mineral pellets work together in the water to effectively draw dirt from your clothing fibres and soften your clothes by changing the pH, leaving your laundry clean and fresh without using harmful chemical-laden detergents.

Due to how the ecoegg does not contain petrochemicals, enzymes, bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES, palm oil or microplastics, it is safe for those with sensitive skin.

Laundry eggs are filled with 2 types of pellets that remove the dirt from the fabric and soften your clothes. The lack of chemicals also means that your clothes aren’t going to fade from repeated washes which make for a cost and environmentally friendly purchase.

How Ecoegg’s Laundry egg stands out from normal laundry detergents :

  • Replaces laundry detergent and fabric conditioner
  • Contains no harmful chemicals, just natural minerals
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Help reduce single-use plastic
  • Wallet-friendly – ~$0.25/wash
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Available on Lazada, Amazon and Eco Egg’s website

We know how tiring it can be to do research and really weigh the pros and cons of switching to eco-friendly alternatives. We hope this list will help you in your journey towards living a more conscious lifestyle that is both safe and environmentally friendly for you and your family.

Here’s a small gift from us to you for reading all the way 🙂

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