8 Must Have Home Organisation Products For Home Owners

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Organisation Products For Home Owners

Keeping our homes neat and tidy can get a little tiresome at times. Taking simple steps to assign everything a place can drastically improve the way you maintain your home.

If you’re struggling to keep your items in order or if you simply want to take organization to another level, here’s a list of items for you to check out.

1. Storage lid organiser ($19.99)

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Getting frustrated over container lids toppling all over you? Sick of playing storage container Jenga every time you open the cupboard? Here’s a quick solution.

For all the storage container hoarders out there (yes mum, that means you), now you can stack your lids in the organizer as your storage containers fit nicely on the shelf. The dividers are adjustable so you can customize your set depending on what size containers you have.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in four sizes)

2. Make-up Organiser ($9.38)

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A simple, elegant makeup organiser would help keep all your daily essentials within arms reach. No more scouring all your drawers for your favourite lipstick!

Keep your space neat and tidy and never misplace your favourite products again.

Get it on Shopee for $9.38

3. Plastic Bag Dispenser ($4.95)

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It is not surprising that many families keep plastic bags at home. They are extremely useful for lining bins, cleaning up after pets, and the list goes on.

Storing plastic bags, on the other hand, can be a little tricky. Simplify storage with these mountable plastic dispensers and never catch a loose bag around the house again.

Get it on Shopee for $4.95

4. Airtight Food Organisers ($11.60)

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Keep track of what is in your pantry and make sure they stay fresh with these airtight food storage containers.

The minimalist design is gentle on the eyes and can give a little personality to your countertop.

Get it on Shopee for $11.60 (Available in 5 different sizes)

5. Stackable CubeBox ($29.90)

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Take home organisation to the next level with a little redecorating. This self-assembled modular shelf system is perfect for people who like customising their own furniture.

This set is made of MDF wood and comes in two colours, Pine and Walnut, thus doubling up as a decorative piece, giving your home that Scandinavian touch.

Get it on Shopee for $29.90

6. Shower rack (from $17.90)

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The shower is a place to unwind after a long day. Keeping your bathroom products organized and within your reach just makes sense.

These come with nano-adhesive and hooks that offer stronger bearing capacity. It is also made with space aluminium so you can rest assured that your walls will not fall prey to rust.

Get it on Shopee from $17.90

7. Closet Organiser ($6.50)

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Turn your closet into a Muji Showroom with these Japanese Cloth Organisers and make Marie Kondo proud.

Get it on Lazada for $6.50

8. USB Charging port for multiple devices ($15.90)

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Charge all your gadgets in style with this Multi 5 Ports USB Charger. As if this was not enough, the little mushroom looking stand doubles up as a lamp. How cute is that?

Get it on Ezbuy for $15.90

With innovative products that save us both time and effort, getting your house in order has never been easier.

Now that you have the tools to get your house tidy, it’s time to put in some work to actually put your dream home together..

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