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5 genius ways to use your used coffee grounds


In Helpling, we start our day with a pipping hot cup of coffee or our favorite Kopi O Kosong. But all these cups add up to massive amounts of coffee grounds thrown in the trash – so why not put them to better use?

Here are 5 ways from Helpling on how you can reuse your coffee grounds at home:

1. To wash your hands

We all love to have garlic and onions in our food – they are such prime ingredients! As much as we enjoy using them for cooking, their stubborn smell stays on our hands long after we finished preparing our food. Fortunately, used coffee grounds is a great way to deodorize that smell. The next time you cook with garlic or onions, simply rub a small amount of coffee grounds on your hands while washing under running water. Say bye bye to that unwanted lingering smell!

2. Fridge deodorant

Coffee grounds can act as an natural freshener especially for your fridge. Place a bowl of used coffee grounds in your fridge and notice how the coffee grounds would slowly dry out from the cold and produce a coffee odor to remove any bad smell. To keep your fridge smelling fresh all day, we recommend changing the bowl with new used coffee grounds once every 2 weeks.

3. For washing the dishes

We all know how therapeutic it can be to whip up delicious meals in your kitchen, but washing up after is never fun! Oh the procrastination. The next time you are stuck in such a situation, simply add 3 tablespoons of used coffee grounds into a basin of hot water. Stir well and use the mixture to clean up dirty surfaces in the kitchen. You can even use it for your stove, pots and pans!

4. As fertilizer

Who would have thought that used coffee grounds could be a fertilizer for your garden? Mix 3 cups of water with 2 table spoons of used coffee grounds in a sprayer. Shake well and spray directly on the leaves of your plants or directly onto the soil. The used coffee grounds act as an excellent natural fertilizer and they are also useful in getting rid of snails and ants.

5. To ward off fleas from pets

Always faced with nasty fleas issue from your beloved pets? Fret not, as coffee grounds is an extremely useful and cheap alternative to ward off fleas. The next time you take your pet for a bath, simply rub a spoonful of used coffee grounds onto its fur.

So, don’t throw away those used coffee grounds after enjoying your nice cup of joe. Remember Helpling’s 5 genius ways to make better use of them!

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Your Helpling Singapore Team

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