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4 Things You Must Clean When You Check In To Your Hotel

With travel resuming all over the world, we trust that you’re already planning your next getaway (or maybe you’ve already booked)! To keep you and your travel buddies safe, keep in mind these 4 most important things that you have to clean when you check in to your hotel or apartment.

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Things to clean in your hotel

1. Door knobs/handles and light switches

Before you even enter the room, wipe down the door handle first. Door knobs/handles and light switches are high-touch surfaces used by everyone entering the room so be sure to give them a good wipe.

Where possible, you should also clean these spots throughout your stay there. The housekeepers might go into the room to tidy up, or you yourself might bring back the germs from elsewhere. 

2. Phones and remote controls

These items might have been used by the previous guests of the room so it’s best to give them a wipe down. You can even bring an extra plastic bag to store the remote control. That way you won’t have to touch it directly.

Anyway, you’re not there to stay in your room and use the television! Get out there, explore your destination, and have a good time.

3. Bathroom fittings

You’re most vulnerable in the bathroom as you answer nature’s call, brush your teeth, or wash your face. Virus can easily enter your body through your mouth and eyes, and you’re in contact with these areas a lot when you’re in the bathroom.

Cover the toilet bowl and flush it a couple of times. Wipe down the taps, showerheads, countertop and toilet seat. Avoid unpacking your toiletries onto the counter, keep them in your toiletries bag instead.

4. All glassware

Wash all glassware with soap and water thoroughly and run them under hot water to kill bacteria. It’s even better if you can avoid using them entirely. You can never be too safe when it comes to something you’re consuming.

Things to clean in the hotel

The last thing you want to deal with when on vacation is falling ill. To minimise the chance of you or your travel buddies falling ill on the trip, take note to clean these things when you check in to your hotel or apartment. Last but not least, enjoy your holiday!

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