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Mapletree VivoCity

Card Type: Physical

From 4,400 to 22,000 points

Mustafa Centre

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4,400 points


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10,600 points

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Trusted by both local & expat communities, we are rated 4.7 stars on Google review by over 2,000 users!

“I finally did something that will save my marriage! I hired a part time cleaner from Helpling. Zar Ni is very professional, fast, and did a really good job at cleaning. She knows what to do without me even asking her. She is experienced and taught me quite a lot of cleaning hacks! Husband finally stopped complaining!”



“I’ve worked with many different helpers from Helpling since mine left for her holidays. I would say all of them are very good. They go through similar housekeeping training so the quality is pretty consistent. I would highly recommend them!”



“No housework means more time for work! So happy I didn’t have to mop and clean the house after back to back meetings. Thank you Helpling for making my house squeaky clean every week!”