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Our Aircon Servicing Process

Deep Cleaning

  • Dismantle and clean front panel and cover to remove excess dust trapped in air inlet.

  • Clean air filter to remove impurities and improve air quality.

  • Clean vacuum evaporator coil to ensure efficient air flow.


  • Vacuum blower parts to remove dirt and mould that causes rancid and weak airflow.

  • Vacuum drainage pipe to remove rust and harmful bacteria build up clogging the drain.

  • Wash and vaccum water tray to remove dust and dirt.

Peforming Tests

  • Perform air-conditioner test run to ensure all components are functioning smoothly.

  • Perform gas pressure test to check coolant level in air-conditioner.

We provide the widest range of aircon services in Singapore.

Aircon Service Usual Prices
Prices after 25%
General Servicing (Wall-Mounted)
*Min. 2 units
$60 (2 units) $45
General Servicing (Ceiling-Mounted)
*Min. 2 units
$200 (2 units) $150
Chemical Wash $100 $75
Chemical Overhaul $112 $84
Condenser Dry Cleaning $150 $112
Condenser Chemical Wash $187 $140
Gas Top Up-R22 $37 $27
Gas Top Up-R410A $100 $75

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Why Choose Helpling

Experienced Aircon Technicians

Our technicians are English-speaking, experienced and trained in aircon servicing and repair. They undergo rigorous background checks and a 5-day Aptitude Training to ensure their credibility and service quality. Locals and expats trust us with their air-conditioners and we've been consistently ranked #1 in the industry. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

Dedicated Account Manager

A first in the industry, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager when you book with us. You get personalized customer service, available 7 days a week from 9AM to 6PM daily (Public Holidays excluded). Your account manager will ensure that your experience with us is seamless and hassle-free.

Transparent & Upfront Pricing

Our prices are shown upfront and transparently before you commit to your booking online. An invoice will be generated after the aircon service is completed for your reference. Our aircon services are also backed by a $1 million public liability insurance policy.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Daniel Chong, Senior Financial Advisor

"I've been a long time customer of Helpling's cleaning service. I found out about their aircon services through my account manager. The guys were punctual and efficient in their craft. I know I can trust the technicians if they are from Helpling. Good job guys!"

Marie Louie, Risk Analyst

"Thank you Helpling for fixing my aircon leakage problem efficiently and effectively! The technicians were very professional and spoke English (thank god!). I am very satisfied with the service, and would highly recommend them to my friends."

Valerie Chan, Banker

"It's easy to book a service with Helpling and all the prices are listed on their website. No hidden fees. Their customer service is also responsive and attentive!"

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Aircon Services in Singapore that you can trust

The Importance of Aircon Servicing

Air Conditioning is an essential among many Singaporeans to escape the hot and humid climate. Nothing feels better than stepping into an air-conditioned room from the outside.

Wear and Tear of Aircons

With the constant operation of aircon systems, they are prone to wear and tear. Clogging of dust and dirt in the front and vertical frames appears, preventing the clean circulation of cool air in your rooms. As such, regular aircon servicing is needed to ensure that the mechanics are thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

This cannot be done alone using your home-fix tools - someone with years of experience in aircon services is needed to ensure that problems like aircon leaks and breakdowns will not arise again.

Why Helpling?

At Helpling, we provide the best aircon servicers sourced in Singapore. Driven by our high quality and standards in quality and customer service, we are always willing to go the extra mile to provide top-notch aircon services.

All forms of air-con services are included, such as aircon washing and aircon cleaning for both residential and commercial locations. Our technicians are thus versatile professionals for both home and work settings, and for all kinds of aircon models.

Helpling promises of not only maintenance services of the highest quality, but the best customer service you can ever find. What are you waiting for, hurry and book your aircon servicing appointment with us now!

How do I know when to book an aircon-servicing appointment?

If you are a frequent user of air conditioners, do observe the sound of your air conditioning unit for any weird noise as well as check for leakage of water. If these signs are present, you can arrange for aircon servicing with Helpling!

Check out our blog post here to read more about common aircon issues.

How much does aircon servicing usually cost?

For general servicing and maintenance, the cost typically ranges from $75 to $200 for 3 to 5 units. For additional AC services such as gas top up and condenser cleaning, the average cost is $150-$500. Helpling has acquired quality aircon service providers with professionals that are skilled in rectifying all sorts of aircon issues so your worries are taken care of.

How long does it take for aircon services?

It ranges from as fast as 30min to 3 hours depending on the severity of the maintenance, as well as the size of the AC. Do contact us for a price quotation!

How often should I service my aircon?

Generally, it is recommended to opt for aircon servicing on a regular basis of 3 months as most households use their units frequently in Singapore. This is to ensure that the filters are always clean and conditioned.

Insured, local aircon technicians

When you use Helpling, you’re not just letting anyone into your home. Every single one of our aircon technicians has been thoroughly interviewed and chosen to provide you with the very best service. Each of our technicians has been background checked, and is reliable and trustworthy.

At Helpling, we put great effort into finding the very best technicians so that when you book with us, you get the great service that your home deserves. No risk, just a perfectly cleaned aircon. Make a booking, sit back and relax. Let us do the hard work.

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