Our Contactless Cleaning Protocol for Covid-19

During the Coronavirus epidemic, we have adapted procedures and services based on guidelines from the Ministry of Health. Our priority is to guarantee your health and safety as well as those of our service providers while fighting against the spread of the virus.

100% committed to your safety

Since January 2020, we have been closely monitoring the situation and updating our protocols to ensure the safety of our services. Here is a comprehensive list of the measures we have taken to protect our customers and providers.

  1. Webinar training on enhanced residential cleaning guidelines (per NEA recommendations)
  2. Required all cleaners to download the Trace Together app
  3. Daily temperature reporting
  4. All cleaners are equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (mask and gloves) and disinfectant capsules
  5. Spontaneous video call with cleaners to make sure they are staying home on their off day and wearing a mask if they are outside
  6. Weekly health declaration from all customers

We have taken the following precautions

Personal Protection Equipment to be worn at all times during cleaning appointment
Maintaining a safe distance of at least 2 metres between individuals
Washing of hands with disinfecting soap before and after cleaning appointment
Leaving windows open to ensure your apartment is well-ventilated

Paying special attention to

High-touch areas
100x100_corona_icons Bathroom
100x100_corona_icons Kitchen
100x100_corona_icons Laundry

Help us make contactless cleaning a success by

100x100_corona_icons Providing suitable equipment and solutions for disinfection
Notifying Helpling in advance if you are unwell to reschedule
Leaving the premises during the cleaning appointment
Communicating with your service provider for effective service

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if my provider's profile says covid-prepared?

This means they have studied and learned NEA and MOH enhance cleaning guidelines. In addition, they are also equipped with masks and disinfectants.

Will I be billed if I cancel my service?

You will be charged a last minute cancellation fee if you cancel the service within 24 hours before commencing. Unless your service provider arrives without a mask or you have symptoms.

When can I resume cleaning services?

We are currently waiting for the government to confirm. In the meantime please visit our Instagram page for cleaning tips. Stay safe #SGUNITED

Do I have to prepare disinfectants?

Our providers carry an NEA-approved disinfectant for household cleaning. You can provide additional disinfecting products.

What do you do if you or your provider have symptoms?

You should cancel your next appointment if you or your provider have symptoms. Avoid any physical contact with anyone until you are cleared by a doctor.

I have been in contact with someone who has been overseas in the past month.
Can my cleaner still come to my house?

Yes, if no one in your household has a) received a Stay Home or Quarantine Notice, and b) Covid-19 symptoms.